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Netflix Cancels ‘Q-Force’ After One Season; No Season Two Is Scheduled


Netflix Cancels “Q-Force” After One Season

Another Netflix series has been cancelled. The streamer officially confirmed that its adult animated comedy Q-Force will not receive a second season.

The cancellation was first announced when writer/actor Matt Rogers (the voice of Twink) was a guest host on the Attitudes! podcast. He spoke about his time with Q-Force and the fanbase, stating, “I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so much fun to bring happiness to something… Those who adored it adored it, and the good news is that it will always be available on Netflix. It did not receive a second season, but it exists nonetheless.”

Netflix Cancels "Q-Force" After One Season

There were no specifics regarding the cancellation, but reactions to the show were varied. The show’s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes rose to 78 percent as a result of more casual viewers enjoying and praising it. Q-Force received numerous negative reviews, with some critics stating that the show’s execution was lacklustre.

Others, however, praised the show for its humour and queer representation. The show received a 29 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes as a result of reviews. As a result, it is probable that the decision was influenced by low viewership due to poor initial reception.

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Q-Force premiered in September 2021, nearly a year ago. Steve Maryweather (Sean Hayes) was introduced as a well-liked American Intelligence Agency (AIA) employee until he came out as gay.

Netflix Cancels "Q-Force" After One Season

He was then dispatched to West Hollywood, where he would be virtually useless. Steve, left to his own devices, recruited a number of LGBTQ+ geniuses with diverse skills to form their own team, Q-Force. Despite the AIA’s refusal to assign missions to the team, Steve remained determined to prove everyone wrong.

The cast of Q-Force also included Patti Harrison as Stat, Wanda Sykes as Deb, David Harbour as Rick, Gary Cole as Director Dirk Chunley, and Laurie Metcalfe as V. There were also recurring and guest stars such as Stephanie Beatriz, Eric Bauza, Niecy Nash, and Fortune Feimster.


Gabe Liedman (Big Mouth, PEN15), who voiced Benji, created, wrote, executive produced, and ran the 10-episode series. Hayes, Mike Schur, Todd Milliner, and David Miner also served as executive producers. Universal Television, Hazy Mills, Fremulon, and 3 Arts Entertainment produced the series.

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Q-Force is currently streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer down below:

Q-Force Season 1 Ending Explained

Force is an animated comedy series for adults on Netflix. Netflix ordered 10 episodes of the series in April 2019, with Gabe Lidman serving as showrunner and Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, and others serving as executive producers.

Q-Force Season 1 Ending Explained

It was released to negative reviews on September 2, 2021.

Q-Force Season 1 Recap

The Gynorvian Princess intends to assert her dominance over the world through the exploitation of queer people who have been provided with AIA mind-control technology and rainbow hats as slaves, ostensibly based on the same grayscale plot.

Q-Force Season 1 Recap

However, the plans that rendered so many homosexual agents amnesic were scrapped. Fortunately, V and the rest of the gang have access to the agency’s backdoor kill code, which liberates victims from the effects of technology:

“Debra Winger has been in enough films,” a sentence that, according to Too Queer, no one would ever say never, and a good example of how funny this show can be without actually saying anything.

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Q-Force Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Mira?

In the fourth episode of the show, titled “Europevision,” Meera is introduced. Mira was raised by a single mother, and her father, a member of the royal family of Gyanoriwa, died while serving the family.

If you recall the character Mia Thermopolis from “The Princess Diaries,” you will recognise similarities between Mira and Mia. After making an unexpected change to the Q-plan Force’s to visit Gianoria, Meera becomes an invaluable asset in subsequent episodes.

Q-Force Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Mira?

Marie and Benji conclude Season 1 of Queer-Force. Benji is the proprietor of the adjacent business to Mary’s office. They begin dating soon after meeting. Since Mary is unable to disclose that she works for the AIA, he states that she is an interior designer.

Their relationship develops as the series progresses. On her way to Benji’s parents’ funeral, Mary discovers that she has put Benji in danger. Mary then ended their relationship and returned to West Hollywood.

However, while the AIA is preparing to fire Q-Force for disobeying orders, it is revealed that Q-Force has successfully managed information that thwarted a potential Black. Market nuclear agreement with a connection to the federal government.

Wei argues that Q-Force has demonstrated that it is a true field team by agreeing to put their jobs on the line if something goes wrong.

Chumley is obligated to provide Mary & Co. with a high-tech command centre, but there’s a catch: professional jerk Rick Buck must monitor the “Spice Girls”.

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