Purple Hearts: Sofia Carson Pushed for the Movie to Cast Nicholas Galitzine!


Purple Hearts: Sofia Carson Pushed for the Movie to Cast Nicholas Galitzine!


In the movie Purple Hearts, Nicholas Galitzine plays Luke Morrow and Sofia Carson plays Cassie Salazar. The movie first came out on Netflix on July 29, and in a short time, fans have grown to love it. Fans have said good things about Carson and Galitzine’s acting, but it turns out that Carson had to push for Galitzine to be cast in Purple Hearts.

Spoiler Alert: This Post contains spoilers for the Movie “Purple Hearts”

How Sofia Carson helped get Nicholas Galitzine the part in “Purple Hearts”

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum directed Purple Hearts, which Carson also helped produce. The plot revolves around Cassie and Luke’s improbable love story.

Cassie, a liberal singer-songwriter, and Luke, a conservative Marine, enter a marriage of convenience. Despite their differences, they fall in love over time.

Rosenbaum claimed in an interview with Variety that she originally did not want Galitzine to play Luke because he was too sweet.

Producers Alloy Elysa Koplovitz Dutton and Carson lobbied for Galitzine to be cast, but Rosenbaum did her best to reconsider the actor for the role.

“Nick didn’t click with me at first,” Rosenbaum told Variety. “She continued bringing him up, so I had a separate conversation with him on my own when we discussed more the persona… After our lengthy conversation, he replied, ‘Liz, you’re basically asking me to be more of a d***? ‘I can do that.'”

“He came in again, and he gave her a really hard time in their improvs, and she was startled and put off in a humorous way,” she continued. I began to notice how they may set each other off.”

What motivated Sofia Carson to cast Nicholas Galitzine as Luke Morrow?

Carson was also interviewed by Variety, and the actor explained why she “instantly” selected Galitzine to play Luke.

“I knew quickly when we started the real casting process and I met with Nick [Galitzine] just because of our chemistry,” Carson remarked.

“I knew that what was most important to me at the heart of our story was the chemistry between these two people who literally couldn’t stand how badly they wanted each other, and it needed to feel like fire, like this lightning in a bottle, and Nick and I had really incredible chemistry through a computer screen,” Carson added.

Is There Any Sequel to Purple Hearts Movie?

Is There Any Sequel to Purple Hearts Movie?

Rumors about a Purple Hearts sequel have begun to circulate online as a result of the film’s success on Netflix. Carson was hesitant when asked about the prospect of this happening, although she did concede she would be willing to play Cassie again.

“Now that fans have kind of demanded a sequel, and there are so many fan theories, fan stories, and potential spinoffs, it’s beautiful to think of a life for Cassie and Luke beyond this film,” Carson told Variety. “I love being Cassie, and I’m excited to see where it goes.” Nobody knows. Never say never!”

Purple Hearts is now available on Netflix.

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