'Paradise City'Trailer: Watch Bruce Willis and John Travolta Face Off in Hawaii


‘Paradise City’Trailer: Watch Bruce Willis and John Travolta Face Off in Hawaii


Bruce Willis and John Travolta are engaged in combat amid Hawaii’s picturesque landscape.

Tuesday, exclusively for PEOPLE, Saban Films unveiled the first teaser for the Pulp Fiction reunion in Paradise City starring the two original actors. Stephen Dorff, Blake Jenner, and Praya Lundberg also appear in the action movie.

“When bounty hunter Ian Swan (Willis) is shot and assumed dead after vanishing in Maui seas, his son Ryan (Jenner), his ex-partner (Dorff), and a local detective (Lundberg) set out to uncover his killers,” according to the official synopsis.

“After being threatened by a vicious power broker (Travolta), it looks that Ryan and his crew are out of alternatives,” the synopsis continues, “until an expedition to the heavily guarded island colony of Paradise City brings them together with an unexpected ally.”

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The clip hints at the chaos that ensues after Swan becomes embroiled in a battle on the sands of Hawaii while pursuing a reward. After the event, Ryan meets Robbie Cole (Dorff), who is introduced by Lundberg’s character as “another bounty hunter.”

“Your father and I formerly worked together. We created several enemies “Robbie informs Ryan in the preview. As shots depict Ian and Travolta’s character having dinner together, he says, “He’s after a tremendous whale of a reward.”

“Are you dangerous?” The character of Travolta asks Willis, who responds, “Not to my buddies.

Unfortunately, I already have enough friends, Travolta’s character responds.

As Travolta’s character is seen shooting and murdering a guy and is said to have tortured another, Ian portrays him to the other characters as a “cold-blooded murderer with ties to the cartels.” In a single instance, Ian urges or warns Ryan to “leave this island and never return.”

Chuck Russell, who previously helmed the third Nightmare on Elm Street picture and 1994’s The Mask, directed Paradise City, one of the final films Bruce Willis, 67, filmed before announcing in March that he was retiring from acting due to his aphasia diagnosis. Paradise City Release Date Set On Nov. 11.

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