Nicole Kidman Ready For Her Action-Star Closeup With Powerful Bicep Muscles!


Nicole Kidman Ready For Her Action-Star Closeup With “Powerful Bicep Muscles”!


Nicole Kidman, 55, continues to astound her fans not only with her incredible talents onscreen but also with her physical level. Her most recent photoshoot has everyone asking where she’s been hiding those ripped bicep muscles all these years – she’s strong and fabulous.

Kidman has always prioritized health in her personal life; she ran throughout her daughter Sunday’s pregnancy in 2014. However, she appears to be ready for an action-star role in this Perfect magazine cover shot. (See the image HERE.) Is she working on something that we don’t know about? Kidman wore a weird red wig that seemed like it was left over from Blade Runner, as well as a crop top and miniskirt by Diesel that highlighted her long legs. However, her biceps, which are toned and ready for prime time, take precedence over her clothes.

Nicole Kidman Ready For Her Action-Star Closeup With Powerful Bicep Muscles!

The Big Little Lies actress confessed to The Los Angeles Times that the key to her workout secrets is “variety.” “If you believe you’re going to wake up every morning and run five miles for the rest of your life, you’ll become bored and hit the snooze button after a week,” Kidman said. “So I try to change it up by doing sports, running, yoga, and simply going for a stroll with my husband and kids.” We just need to know her weight-training routine because those muscles are ready for some Rambo-sized action.


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Kidman emphasizes that there are no shortcuts to wellness; it’s all about making “health, fitness, and nutrition a vital part of your life” since “ultimately, your health, both physical and emotional, is the foundation for everything.” That’s some wise counsel from The Prom’s lead; now we just need Hollywood to catch up and give her her own action movie.

Nicole Kidman Biography

Net Worth: $250 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 20, 1967 (55 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Singer, Actor, Film Producer
Nationality: Australia


Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu to Australian parents and raised in Sydney; she holds dual citizenship in the United States and Australia. Her career began on Australian television, but in 1989, with the thriller Dead Calm, she made the transition to American films and has seldom looked back.

Kidman appeared in films like as Days of Thunder, Far and Away, My Life, To Die For, and Eyes Wide Shut throughout the 1990s. With the Baz Luhrmann musical Moulin Rouge!, for which she received her first Academy Award nomination in 2001, she arguably entered the A-list.

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