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Nick Cannon, Who Describes Himself as a “Hopeless Romantic,” Says He Has “Failed So Many Times at Monogamy”

Jeremy Caroll

If Nick Cannon ever considered getting married again, he would want to be with “someone who would understand me and can stick by me,” he has said.

Nick Cannon hasn’t completely written out getting hitched.

The singer and television personality recently disclosed he is having more children this year, and in an interview broadcast Sunday on the Shelley Wade podcast, he said he likes “the notion” of marriage but that he would only walk down the aisle again if he found the perfect person.

Cannon, 41, explained, “I love the notion, I love the ceremony of it because I’m a hopeless romantic at heart.” “Many times I have tried and failed at monogamy and relationships, but God is not finished with me yet. We’ll get it figured out.”

When Wade questioned what the most likely “in deciding to get married again, he said, “I suppose as I’m developing, I’ve probably had a couple of midlife crises in my life. I’m proud of the man I’m becoming; he seems like the type who’ll have my back.”

Cannon went on to say that “acts of service” were a significant “love language” for him. “It’s more about finding someone to serve you and recognizing that your weaknesses complement their strengths. I think I could spend the rest of my life with the one person who can keep their cool in the face of my insanity, mayhem, and poison.”

Cannon disapproved of the concept of remarrying in a legal sense when she was a guest on the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast last month.

“What constitutes marriage is a matter of definition. Get the government involved? No thanks. We can go have a ceremony somewhere,” the comic suggested. “There’s no need for the government to meddle in your relationships. That seems so weird to me. It’s all business, and it’s not easy to combine the two.”

Formerly married to Mariah Carey from 2008 until their divorce in 2016, Cannon is now single. They have twins, Monroe and Moroccan, who are 11 and being raised by both families.


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“It to me was one of the greatest experiences of my life and for that to come to an end as well, why would I go back if I couldn’t make that work out right?” the Wild ‘N Out host remarked, referring to the couple’s failed marriage.

“Once I gave my all to a scenario, going ahead, I’d have to be presented with something I’ve never seen before to go back to anything like that,” he concluded. “I’ve given this place all I have, and I’m ready to move on to the next phase of my life. It doesn’t get much better than what I went through, so there’s no way I’m going back.”

Cannon has now welcomed additional children with several women following his divorce from Carey, 53.

Golden “Sagon,” age 5, and Powerful Queen, age 18 months, are his children with Brittany Bell; Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, age 1 year, are his children with Abby De La Rosa. Their son Zen was diagnosed with brain cancer in December of 2021 and passed just a month later.

Also this year, Cannon and model Bre Tiesi will welcome the couple’s seventh child.

In May, while interviewed on the It’s Tricky podcast, the Masked Singer host emphasized, “The conventional meaning of monogamy, I don’t adhere to.”

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“I have made it clear from the beginning [my stance on marriage to the women with whom I had children]. Because I have more respect for you than I do disdain, “When asked, he went into detail. It means “I’m going to come to you as honest as I possibly can,” the speaker said.

“What follows is a paraphrase of the speaker’s actual words: “This is who I am; here is what I struggle with; this is where I feel like I shine. You are responsible for your pleasure if we are to cohabit. This is why I’m here; to contribute, if possible. I shouldn’t be here if I don’t contribute to it.” It was then when Cannon chimed in.

The radio personality, 41, announced an appearance on the Lip Service podcast earlier this month.

In response to rumors that he had “When you say “on the way,” what count are you at? Cannon first made a joke about having three babies on the way. Just to put it simply, the stork is on its way.”

When asked if he’s now expecting three children, he answered, “I don’t know, it may be…”

The actor, who had three babies in 2021, hinted about setting a new record when he said, “If you thought it was a lot of kids last year…”

Bre Tiesi Says Nick Cannon Is So Supportive and Kind

Bre Tiesi is discussing her relationship with Nick Cannon openly and honestly.

This was the first time the model had spoken publicly about her relationship with The Masked Singer presenter, 41 since she announced her pregnancy earlier this year.

Tiesi has stated that she and Cannon “have a great connection [where] everything is very supportive and nice,” even though “some people have their image of traditional partnerships and certain things.”

The publication claims that Tiesi and Cannon had been friends for almost a decade. The model has stated of her relationship with Cannon, “I’ve always come back.” This is even though she has dated other men and was married to Johnny Manziel in March 2018 before divorcing a year later.

They had been “on and off” for a long time, she claimed. “And I simply admire and adore him as a person so much that when I considered, “Do I want my son to be this person? ” I realized that I do. Consider your traits, your character, and your interactions with others.”

nick cannon relationship

“What you just said is what I value most of all in the world. And because he is so wonderful to me, it is all I can think about “In a nutshell: that’s what she said.

With a gender reveal party in March, Cannon and Tiesi confirmed the news that they are expecting a son, which they revealed in January. The child will be his ninth and Tiesi’s first.

The Nick Cannon Show presenter is a father of five, including 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan and 5-year-old Golden “Sagon” and 1-year-old Powerful Queen, both of whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey and current girlfriend Brittany Bell.

The couple also had 9-month-old twins together, whom they named Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir. In December of 2021, Cannon’s kid Zen with Alyssa Scott passed away from cerebral cancer.

Cannon said that he had known about Tiesi’s pregnancy “for a time,” even before Zen’s death, on his eponymous talk program in January.

“As a result, throughout it all, the question of “when” lingered in the back of my mind. How can I communicate this?’ ” he asked at the time. “No one, even ourselves, was prepared for Zen’s death. It was all shockingly out of the blue.”

As Cannon went on to say, “As much as possible, I wanted to give Alyssa space to grieve, and Bre was considerate enough to wait to make any public statements or post anything on social media until she was ready. She lives a highly public life but values her privacy.”

Father said, “And, you know, I simply didn’t know what to do; it was just one of those things. When dealing with Zen, I was at a loss for words. Even today, after its release the day before, it wasn’t supposed to be discussed. We tried to put off the inevitable as long as possible, but alas, it came to pass. When I’m home with my loved ones, I’m free to talk about anything and anything.”

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