Who is Nicholas Galitzine? Is He Dating Lilli Kay?


Nicholas Galitzine Dating History!


By now, you’ve likely viewed the new Netflix film Purple Hearts and had repeated thoughts about it (same)—many of these thoughts will undoubtedly centre on one of the film’s lead characters, Nicholas Galitzine.

Galitzine, who portrays Luke, strikes a lasting impression with his brooding, mysterious demeanour and chiselled features (naturally). As he falls in love with Sofia Carson‘s character Cassie, it is simple to speculate about the actor’s personality.

Nicholas Galitzine of 'Cinderella' Descended from Noble Princes

Based on his active social media presence and the fact that he is physically linked to royalty, Galitzine appears to be identical to the protagonist he portrays on-screen.

Since he now has our attention, continue scrolling for a comprehensive overview of the actor.

Who is Nicholas Galitzine, and is He a True Prince?

Nicholas Galitzine is a British actor whose father is a descendant of the Russian aristocratic House of Golitsyn. According to Hollywood Ancestry, the Golitsyns or Galitzines were among the most prominent families in Tsarist Russia. During the 1923-ended Russian Revolution, his forefathers supposedly relocated to the United Kingdom and began a new life there.

Obviously, this surprising feature about Galitzine was brought to light when he was cast as the prince in Cinderella, a role that was plainly designed for him.

In What Films Has He Starred?

As previously said, Galitzine made his debut in Amazon Prime’s Cinderella as Prince Robert alongside Camila Cabello, who portrayed the classic Disney princess. Prior to the 2021 release of the film, he landed his first role in 2014’s The Beat Beneath My Feet.

In 2016, he appeared in the American drama High Strung and the Irish comedy Handsome Devil, which was nominated for five Irish Film & Television Awards.

After the success of Cinderella, Galitzine landed the main part in Purple Hearts, which became the most-watchedfilm on Netflix at the time of its release.

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Galitzine will play another fictional royal, Prince Henry of Wales, in the film version of Red, White & Royal Blue, which is based on Casey McQuiston’s romance novel about the First Son of the United States and his romantic involvement with a British prince.

Nicholas Galitzine Dating

Galitzine has kept his personal life private, therefore it is unknown if he is in a relationship. However, he has revealed up about the woman who suddenly launched his cinematic career.”I had a huge crush on a woman who was attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I participated at the event so I could pursue this woman. I returned with this acting agency “Galitzine told Wonderland Magazine in 2019. Galitzine does not hesitate to share with the world the lovely bonds he has made with his famous co-stars, despite his reticence on romantic matters.

Clearly, he and his Cinderella co-star Camila Cabello have remained close since filming concluded. In March, the actor posted a candid snapshot of himself with the singer to Instagram with the remark “Luv you.”Meanwhile, he and Sofia Carson clearly grew close on the set of Purple Hearts; this week, Galitzine published a number of photographs from the set, with several depicting the duo off-screen.

Is there a woman in Nicholas Galitzine’s life currently?

When discussing his romantic life, Nicholas is not very forthcoming. There is no evidence that the actor from Cinderella is in a committed relationship, but he confessed in a previous interview that a woman who captivated him inspired him to pursue acting.

Is there a woman in Nicholas Galitzine's life currently?

There have been rumours that Nicholas dated Lilli Kay, who co-starred with him on Chambers, despite the fact that his private life appears to be tranquil. Since Nicholas and Lilli did not confirm or refute the reports, he has not been romantically involved with anyone else.

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