NBA Player Props: Is Nikola Jokic Ok After His Injury?

Jeremy Caroll

This Saturday’s seven-game schedule is jam-packed with intriguing prop bets. There were a lot of props to choose from, but these three struck my attention. Let’s kick off the post-All-Star weekend with a bang!

Using the Action Labs Player Prop tool, we’ll be comparing our NBA estimates to other bookmakers’ reported props. Listed below are my current player prop bets, along with their rationale and where you can find the greatest odds on that prop bets.

NBA Player Props: Is Nikola Jokic Ok After His Injury?

This is a wonderful opportunity for the Cleveland Cavaliers to get back on track against the Washington Wizards, who are huge home favorites. There is a lot of competition for places in the Eastern Conference.

Because of the devastation caused by injuries to their backcourt, tonight’s matchup will be more challenging. Caris LeVert and Rajon Rondo are both out of tonight’s game, thus Brandon Goodwin is likely to replace them in the starting lineup. However, Evan Mobley’s assist potential isn’t enhanced by the absence of those guards.

Nine of Mobley’s previous 11 games have yielded two or fewer assists. Taking this prop under 2.5 assists on PointsBet with juice is also fascinating, but in this post, we’ll stay with under 3.5 assists. Mobley excels at scoring and rebounding. You can put your trust in Goodwin to be the offensive coordinator.

As a result, the Cavaliers are not only strong favorites in their arena, but the game’s implied total is also one of the lowest. In terms of pace, both the Cavaliers and Wizards are in the bottom 10 of this season’s rankings. Our model predicts only 2.5 assists from Mobley tonight.

I’m open to the concept of lowering this prop to 2.5 assists and raising its worth, as I previously said. BetMGM offers the greatest odds and value tonight at 3.5 assists, therefore that is where I will be placing my wager. You can use this prop in any way that works best for you.

The San Antonio Spurs just beat the Washington Wizards 157-153 in a double-overtime thriller. It was the season’s second-highest scoring game in terms of total points. The Spurs return it in a far more difficult situation.

The Miami Heat, who have a top-five Defensive Rating but a bottom-five Pace record this season, is a far more challenging opponent to face. With a 7-7 record in their past nine games, the Miami Heat are tied for the best Eastern Conference record in the league. They have a good chance of beating the Spurs tonight at home.

NBA Player Props: Is Nikola Jokic Ok After His Injury?

The Devin Vassell propellers are flying out of our model despite the Spurs being heavy underdogs in a difficult battle. After much consideration, I chose to take all of the player’s points, rebounds, and assists.

Despite picking up his second foul of the game, Vassell still began and played 42 minutes. Over the previous six games, he has averaged 14 points and attempted at least 10 field goals in each one. In five of those six games, he has received at least 18.5 points, rebounds, and assists, and he is expected to get 22.4 tonight.

Despite the difficult competition, there are several ways to support Vassell tonight. With Murray taking most of the team’s minutes, Vassell is still beginning and playing enough to load the scoreboard. Vassell will be able to play more minutes on the wing tonight because Keldon Johnson has been ruled out. Tonight, I’d want to raise this Vassell prop to 19.5. He’d be able to make it if he just focused on the points.

A few nights ago, the Denver Nuggets beat the Sacramento Kings 128-110 on the road in Sacramento. They have eight-point home advantage over the Kings and are expected to put up the second-highest point total on the slate (122.5 points).

NBA Player Props: Is Nikola Jokic Ok After His Injury?

Additionally, this encounter has the highest total on the schedule, at 237 points. As he does most of the time, Nikola Jokic will be a major contributor. However, he can take advantage of this King’s defense with his scoring prowess. They give up the most points in the paint per game this season, and he’ll have a field day.

The Kings added Domantas Sabonis to their frontcourt before the trade deadline, but he won’t be able to shut down Nikola Jokic in this place. The last time they met, Jokic scored 25 points while shooting the ball just 15 times. 9-15 from the field and 5-7 from the free-throw line were his best marks.

Jokic, on the other hand, performs somewhat better at home than on the road. While at home, his field goal and three-point percentages rise, as well as his points per game average. The Kings had a miserable road record this year, going 7-21. If they can maintain this level of intensity, Jokic will have a field day.

The greatest value for this prop is at DraftKings, where it is practically even-money, with our model projecting Jokic for 28.2 points tonight. A triple-double danger every time he steps on the court, Jokic’s price of +195 on DraftKings makes him an attractive option. Tonight, Jokic will be the most dominant force

Props & Predictions for NBA Players | Nikola Jokic

NBA betting player props are easy to locate with OddsShopper. Simple filtering and sorting of prop options are all that is required of users to place a wager. This is a really quick and efficient method. Try it out tonight with the three Jokic props pictured below.

7.5 assists or less (-105, DraftKings)

The fact that he’ll be facing a tough Golden State defense tonight helps to keep Jokic’s assist total below the 7.5-point mark. While ‘The Joker’ is averaging an outstanding 7.2 assists per game, he has only surpassed the NBA player props total once in the previous four games, according to Basketball-Reference. If you’re looking for better odds than those offered by other sportsbooks, OddsShopper will help you find them. Awesome offers this underprediction a healthy projected ROI of 27%

Under 13.5 Rebounds (-110, FanDuel)

Because of this, Awesome believes it is possible to make money on bets placed on Jokic’s total rebounds falling below 13.5. Since Jokic has racked up over 20 rebounds in each of the Nuggets’ previous two games, bettors may be leery of this under prediction. The total average of 13.8 points per game for him this season is still a bit low. In six of the previous eight games, Jokic failed to meet or exceed the NBA betting line. If you’re looking for the best price of -110, OddsShopper may help you save up to 15 cents. Assuming those odds, this prop’s estimated return on investment is 13 percent.

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