Moksha Bybee Husband, Job, Height, Social Accounts and Net Worth


Moksha Bybee Husband, Job, Height, Social Accounts and Net Worth


Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story’s Moksha Bybee is said to be one of his wives. She resides on the property with Doc and Doc’s two other daughters to care for the Safari’s animals. So, here are a few Moksha-related facts you should know.

This Moksha Bybee bio provides information about her age, profession, and net worth.

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story: Does Moksha Bybee Appear?

Yes, Moksha Bybee is featured in “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story.” Maria Tabraue implied on the broadcast that Moksha was one of the three spouses Don Antle referred to as his “girls.” Moksha and the other two girls Rajnee and China, together with Doc, reside on the land.

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Moksha Bybee and Doc Antle: Are They Married?

It is widely believed that Moksha Bybee and Doc Antle are married. As stated previously, he referred to Moksha and the two other ladies as “my girl.”

Moksha Bybee Career, Job, Husband, Height, Socail Accounts and Net Worth

However, Doc acknowledged to, “When I say my girl,’ it’s just a cowboy expression; they are not my spouses.” In the show and outside of it, Moksha never confirmed that she and Don were married. Fans of the program, however, presume that Moksha is presently married to Doc Antle and avoid openly acknowledging the connection.

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However, Doc also admitted to the site, “Sure, I’ve had girlfriends and relationships with females who have come and gone throughout the decades… However, I am neither married nor have I been since my wife passed away over 20 years ago. I am neither married nor do I have any wives. “I am unquestionably a single man and I live alone.”

Despite this, he wears a wedding band, which may have belonged to his late wife.

Moksha Bybee Age, Job

Moksha Bybee’s birthdate, according to Famous Birthdays, is on October 3, 1979. In 2021, she turned 42 years old.

Moksha Bybee is the general manager of the wildlife preserve, according to T.I.G.E.R.S’s website. According to her online page, she grew up in Utah surrounded by farm animals and the great outdoors. She joined the safari in 2001 and is known as “monkey mother.” She is a sports enthusiast and one of the Safari’s leading tour guides.


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In addition, according to her Liger World biography, Moksha has worked with large felines for over a decade. She is also one of the rare persons who has reared at least three to four generations of adult ligers. How then did she get in Don’s sanctuary?

According to Rolling Stone’s coverage of Doc Antle, the piece elaborated on the apprenticeship application. For Bybee’s position, no formal schooling was required. However, there were other conditions.

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In addition, candidates must be “within 20 pounds of their ideal athletic weight or working towards it, capable of performing push-ups, pull-ups, and running a mile in 12 minutes” and have no time off for any reason. In addition, they must be vegetarians, nonsmokers, and non-drinkers. Additionally, she has been featured in Vogue and Rolling Stone.

According to her profile, she relocated to Miami on October 2, 2003. We also know that in 2013 she visited Cancn, Quintana Roo.

Moksha Bybee’s Net Worth

Moksha Bybee Career, Job, Husband, Height, Socail Accounts and Net Worth

According to the source, Moksha Bybee’s net worth should be less than $200,000 dollars.

Is Moksha Bybee related to a twin?

Moksha Bybee does have a twin sibling. On 10 June 2017, when her family came to visit the Safari, she uploaded a photo of her twin sister to Facebook. On National Siblings Day in April 2018, she uploaded the image of her twin sister to Facebook once more.

In a 2017 Instagram post, a user questioned what her sister did for a career. Moksha said that her twin sister was a stay-at-home mother.

Moksha Bybee Height

People wanted to know her height whenever she posted photos of herself with large animals on social media. Moksha Bybee must be at least 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Moksha Bybee Social Media Appearance

Moksha is present on several social networking sites. Her Instagram handle is @mokshabybee tigers. Her Facebook profile address is @moksha.bybee. Additionally, she has over 6.5 million followers on TikTok (@mokshabybee). Moreover, she has 419k subscribers on her eponymous YouTube account.

Her animal conservationist efforts have garnered her celebrity status. She has assisted and performed with several noteworthy figures. Once, she got viral for feeding a liger beside WWE superstar Undertaker.

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