Maya Jama, Broke Off With Ben Simmons After Seven Months of Dating

Jeremy Caroll

It has been claimed that popular UK TV presenter Maya Jama has ended her engagement to professional basketball player Ben Simmons after the couple dated for a year. It has been stated that the news of their breakup came after the 27-year-old TV personality had to constantly fly back and forth to America where Ben plays basketball for the Brooklyn Nets. Ben’s current team is the Brooklyn Nets. On the other hand, he has not yet made his first appearance for the team.

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There Is Nothing That Is Permanent

People have a tendency to believe that nothing, not even love, can last forever. That, at least, is the situation in regard to the British television personality Maya Jama and the National Basketball Association player Ben Simmons, who became engaged the previous year and have stayed steadfast in their love since then.

It was reported on Saturday (August 6) that the professional basketball player, who is 26 years old, and the British television personality, who is 27 years old, broke off their engagement yesterday night. After everything came to a head the previous month, Maya decided to call off the engagement, according to a source. “She will not be returning to New York at this time. It’s devastating for both of them, especially considering how dedicated they were to making their relationship work.

The source also mentioned that the exes are young and want to concentrate on their individual jobs now that they are no longer together. Maya feels optimistic about her future because she is receiving job offers from all over the world and she has a great future ahead of her. She has been spending a lot of time with her close pals and going to the gym recently.”

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A Relationship That Is Only Temporarily Committed

There were rumors that Maya Jama and Ben Simmons were going to get engaged in January 2022 after she was seen wearing a massive diamond ring while out on a date with Ben Simmons in Philadelphia. The date consisted of a coffee walk. However, a source close to the couple stated that the basketball player proposed to Maya over the holiday season after she spent the holidays at his 3.7 million pound estate in New Jersey. This information was disclosed by the source.

On Valentine’s Day of this year, however, Maya announced that she and Ben are engaged. She also posted a snapshot of a necklace on her Instagram story that displayed the date 12/18/21 and added an emoji of a ring to indicate the day that the couple got engaged. Regarding the status of their relationship, it was established beyond a shadow of a doubt when the two locked lips during a 2021 Wimbledon match. The couple was caught on camera looking quite sweet as they cuddled up to one another before sharing a passionate kiss.

Maya, who was previously in a relationship with Stormzy, has stated in the past that despite the fact that she is a complete failure in the kitchen, she is resolved to improve her skills in the kitchen once she gets married and has children. She stated, “I’m a person who always uses Deliveroo. On that front, I’m pretty active. Since I currently live in the city, I have access to a wide variety of opportunities. In less than 15 minutes, you can literally obtain everything that catches your eye.

She went on to say that when the time comes for her to become a mother, she will be a “real kitchen girl,” but that she isn’t quite ready for that role just yet. She continued by saying, “I really wish I could love it, but I just don’t have the love for it.” It would appear that she is unable to successfully manage both her professional life and her personal life. That being said, to each his own.

Since June 20, 2021, Simmons has not participated in a single game that counts toward his professional career. The 76ers’ game against the Atlanta Hawks in the seventh and deciding game of the second round of the playoffs in 2021 was the last time he played. Both of them have our best wishes for success in their endeavors to come.

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