Cheryl Burke is "Extremely Afraid" of Being Sued by Her Ex-Husband "Matthew Lawrence" Over Their Dog.


Cheryl Burke is “Extremely Afraid” of Being Sued by Her Ex-Husband “Matthew Lawrence” Over Their Dog.


Cheryl Burke feels emotional over the possibility of losing her pet.

Recent media coverage has focused on the divorce procedures between the actress and her husband of three years, Matthew Lawrence. Despite the fact that everything may have been resolved, the dancer is prepared to confront her ex-boyfriend in court once more for a dog custody dispute.

Cheryl Burke Could Face Another Dog Ownership Trial

The 38-year-old is unwilling to relinquish her Frenchie, Ysabella, without a battle, as she is very offended by the possibility of having to do so. She recently stated in her iHeart podcast titled Burke in the Game” that Ysabella is her kid and that she considers herself a dog mom.

During the most recent episode, the podcast host described learning that her divorce was completed while watching the premiere of “Dancing With the Stars” before discussing the impending custody fight. Burke said:

“It’s not yet over because we may have to go to trial – in fact, we will go to trial unless [Lawrence] abruptly calls it off. This will take place in January. I’m still quite distressed about the entire affair.”

The TV anchor, who was obviously distraught over the event, remarked, “I couldn’t really envision my life; I could cry right now. However, I could not see my existence without her.”

She proceeded by saying that although the short voyage felt so lengthy, she was more conscious and present than ever during the season. The professional dancer also claimed that she resolved to succumb to “the good, the terrible, and the ugly,” which, although somewhat terrifying, was enlightening.


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Fans will recall that Burke filed for divorce from the 42-year-old in February, citing irreconcilable differences as the cause of the separation. The now-divorced couple, who had no issue determining their respective properties, may now have to fight over the pet.

Documents acquired by The Blast in September revealed that Burke was able to safeguard her accumulated money thanks to a prenuptial agreement signed by both parties before their 2019 wedding.

The contract said that she would retain all royalties and profits from her time on the dancing program, as well as any income and residuals from “QVC.” The former child star would also retain his residuals and royalties.

The court first opted not to determine custody of their cat Frenchie, which Burke had previously described as crucial to her emotional recovery throughout the divorce proceedings.

After the file was made public, the 38-year-old rushed to Instagram to share her thoughts on the continuing issue. The first image had the celebrity without makeup and taking a sun-kissed selfie, while the second revealed the adored Ysabella wearing a walking harness and standing with her mother. She added the caption:

“Taking a few days alone to concentrate on me, contemplate, and attempt to feel my emotions — with my accomplice, of course.”

The “Dance Moms” Star Discusses Childhood Trauma’s Effect On Her Relationships.

According to The Blast in August, the “Hell’s Kitchen” VIP guest spoke candidly about how her experiences as a youngster influenced her conduct in adult relationships.

She stated on the “Allison Interviews” podcast that she had never known the genuine meaning of love and that, as a result of growing up in an abusive household, she viewed love as bad and synonymous with adultery.

The winner of the “Prime Time Emmy” acknowledged getting into a habit of being drawn to unfaithful, unavailable, and abusive men. She ascribed it to the absence of a father figure in her childhood and the sexual abuse she endured as a child.

Despite this, Burke remarked that she was now conscious and must put the past behind in order to strive toward a healthier and happy future.

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