Who Was Marilyn Monroe Father? Did Marilyn Monroe Ever Meet Her Biological Father?


Who Was Marilyn Monroe Father? Did Marilyn Monroe Ever Meet Her Biological Father?


Netflix is hellbent on making history, as the streaming juggernaut recently launched Blonde, a dramatized take on Marilyn Monroe’s life, who is better known in the business as the “sex symbol.”

Marilyn Monroe, who stunned her whole audience in the 1990s, purportedly has returned through Ana De Armas, a Cuban-Spanish actress who has been gaining media attention since the psychological biographical fiction drama film, Blonde, premiered on September 23, 2022.

Following the publication, Marilyn Monroe’s father, Charles Stanley Gifford, emerged as a questionable character, pushing admirers to delve deep into his roots. Is Charles Stanley Gifford her biological father? If that’s the case, why did he deny the truth? After a jump, you’ll find it.

Who Was Marilyn Monroe’s Father?

Charles Stanley Gifford was born in Newport in 1898. During his early life, Gifford went to work for a random Hollywood film-development business, which turned out to impact the lives of multiple individuals since he supposedly met Gladys Pearl, Marilyn Monroe’s mother, there. Gladys worked for RKO Pictures as a film cutter.

The couple got along swimmingly and finally fell in love. Gladys soon became pregnant at the age of 26, and by the time Marilyn Monroe was born, not even Gifford’s Dust could be located.

Gifford literally vanished into thin air, never reaching out to Gladys or his daughter, and Gladys never attempted to contact the man who had deceived her.

Unfortunately, Monroe was continually attempting to discover her missing father while counting her dismal days in foster care, only to become more dejected.

Her only hope was the photo her mother had shown her of a guy in a gilded frame, claiming to be her father. Gladys chose not to reveal Gifford’s name to his own daughter, so it was unknown how much the blonde bombshell knew.

Gladys married three times throughout her life, referring to her second husband, Martin Edward Mortensen, as Monroe’s father on her birth certificate. Gladys was declared deceased in 1983 when she lost control of her mental health and fainted at a psychiatric hospital. Monroe was left all alone in the foster homes as an abandoned orphan, pleading with his father, Gifford, for help in escaping.

What Happened To Charles Stanley Gifford?

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Gifford went on to become a filmmaker and producer. Gifford apparently remarried in 1919 and enjoyed regular family life with their two children until one day they chose to divorce.

At that time, Monroe was determined to reconcile with her estranged father; nevertheless, he turned his back on her.
However, Gifford was indifferent to Monroe’s assertions, dismissing her until his death. The film icon’s friends and Monore’s first husband, James Dougherty, would expound on Gifford’s harsh ignorance and deny the existence of such a daughter.

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Dougherty once disclosed that Monroe dialed his number from her phone, only to receive the remark, “I don’t know who you are. Contact my attorney” To her dismay, Gifford also stated, “My ex-wife had no interest in me.” Blond Movie: Release Date, Cast, and More On Marilyn Monroe Biography According to Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon by Charles Casillo, Monroe allegedly hunted down her father with the intention of confronting him. Gifford, on the other hand, consciously rebuffed her, stating she posed a threat to his existing family and that she would have been better off contacting his attorney.

Monroe’s acting instructor, Natasha Lytess, said of the encounter between the father and daughter, “It did her no good except to break her heart.” Monroe, as courageous as she is, gathered herself and reconnected with Gifford in 1950, according to her friend Sidney Skolosky.

Skolowksy escorted her to meet him, and upon their return to the vehicle, she exclaimed, “son of a b****!” Although Gifford always waved her away, she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. However, whenever Monroe tries to contact him by phone or in person, he merely tells her to leave him alone. Prior to embracing Monroe as his own blood, Gifford departed for paradise in 1985, while he was living near Hemet, California.

Charles Stanley Gifford’s Paternity Test

Six decades after Monroe’s passing, a scathing documentary has finally been released to reveal the name of her biological father. Recently, in June 2022, director Francois produced the documentary “Marilyn, Her Final Secret,” in which DNA testing conclusively established Griffon’s paternity.

Even after Monroe’s death, the analysis was feasible because a team kept a lock of her renowned hair, which was used in the experiment. The hair was saved at the coroner’s office in order to confirm Gifford’s paternity one day.

Monroe, who was born brunette, bleached her hair frequently, leading to the loss of the majority of her DNA, making the treatment initially difficult. Eventually, forensic experts were able to control the situation by collecting enough DNA to test against the removed cheek swab from Grifford’s great-grandchild. A Breakdown of the Netflix Blonde Trailer: What Can We Anticipate From the Ana De Armas Movie? Francine Gifford Deir, Griffon’s great-granddaughter, was 75 years old when specialists went to collect forensic evidence, and they had a difficult time locating her.

Years later, however, it was shown that Mr. Charles Stanely Gifford was Monroe’s father, dispelling preconceptions that had been held for a time longer than her existence.

About Martin Edward Mortensen

According to Monroe’s birth certificate, her mother, Gladys, was previously married to Martin Edward Mortensen, whose name is so recognizable to many of us since he was listed as her father. But, was there a chance that Martin Edward Mortensen was Marilyn Monroe’s biological father?

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On 11 October 1924, Martin Edward Mortensen and Gladys Pearl exchanged vows. Later, on May 26, 1925, the separated couple began living apart, and on August 15, 1925, they were formally divorced.

It is evident from the timing that Mr. Mortensen could not be Monroe’s father under any circumstances, and his name was merely brought up to dispel the stigma of illegitimacy. Evidently, Gladys conceived on August 25, 1925, ten days after her parents’ official separation. To be more specific, the couple had been living apart for around three and a half months, which is sufficient to determine Mortensen’s lack of involvement.

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