Marciano Cantero Death: Los Enanitos Verdes Frontman Died At 62 Age!


Marciano Cantero Death: Los Enanitos Verdes Frontman Died At 62 Age!


Marciano Cantero had a renal disease that required the removal of a kidney and a part of his appendix. He was admitted to the Cuyo Clinic in Mendoza and placed in intensive care. He was 62 years old at the time. Let’s look at what transpired and what caused Marciano Cantero’s death.

What happened to Marciano Cantero?

Horacio Eduardo Marciano Cantero Hernández, the famed vocalist, bassist, and leader of Los Ananitos Verdes, one of Argentina’s most iconic bands, died at the age of 62. He had been hospitalized at the Cuyo Clinic in Mendoza since the end of August. The band’s manager, Juan Carlos Mendiry, confirmed the tragic news to Teleshow.

The artist had been brought to the hospital a few days before owing to gastrointestinal pain. The physicians discovered a “kidney problem.” According to the family, his condition worsened on Wednesday, September 7.

His son Javier talked to the local journalists outside the clinic only minutes after the news broke. “As sad as I am, I am 30 years old, and the 30 years I was allowed to spend with dad were a blessing.” “I can’t help but be pleased for the fantastic man dad was and all the affection that has been returned to him these days,” the young man stated.

What is the cause of his death?

On September 8, Marciano Cantero died at a Cuyo clinic due to complications from renal disease.

“After the procedure, he had not-so-good moments,” Javier recalled of his father’s last hours. Today was improved, but the situation remained serious. The reality is that the image was subpar. “I want people to remember him not just as a composer, singer, and artist, but also as a lovely guy and my closest friend in the world,” stated the singer’s relative in a conversation with Los Andes.

“He always claimed in all the interviews that ‘Amigos’ – the song – he made it because he wanted his kid to be his closest friend, and it came true and he knew it, so that leaves me alone,” he said regretfully.

Marciano Cantero’s cause of death will be updated as soon as possible.

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His Career

Marciano' Cantero of the Green Dwarfs was admitted to intensive care & More Latest News Here - NPR - Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Business & Entertainments

Marciano was at the head of the mythological ensemble that became one of the most exportable Argentine music since its start, with a remarkable career in national rock. His best successes include “The Green Wall,” “I Saw You on a Train,” “For the Rest,” and “Bolivian Lament.” Felipe Staiti on guitar, Daniel Piccolo on percussion, and Marciano on vocals were chosen as Revelation at the Festival de la Falda in 1984.

And it was because of this drive that the band decided to relocate permanently to Buenos Aires, with the primary goal of recording their debut album, which would bear the band’s name. That album produced the hit “I’m Still Singing,” which wreaked havoc on the airwaves and rapidly established itself as a rock “classic.” They released their second LP, Contrarreloj, in 1986, which increased their popularity and got them on the radio in neighboring countries. In 1988, they realized their ambition of performing in the Via del Mar festival, where they were awarded two “Silver Torches.”

That labor choice meant the end of his romance with Viviana, a woman he met in his home region. He was head over heels in love with her. But then life threw him a curve ball. “When we left with Los Ananitos (to Buenos Aires), we stopped going out because I had to continue, but we never had a conflict, and we finished up good,” the composer said in an interview with Bebe Contepomi for Mega 98.3’s Todo Lo Demás Also. And thus the couple ended, but not in love.

Marciano and Viviana maintained touch by correspondence at the time. She wrote him letters, which he received in Buenos Aires. And she certainly maintained her tenacity. That’s how, while on tour in Bogotá, the composer was inspired by those letters to write “Your Old Letters,” one of his most memorable compositions. “I’d always questioned why everything had happened, and the lyrics mirror the agony of that time,” the musician remarked. The song, which was included in the famous 1986 Contrarreloj album, had a line that young people of the time will never forget: “And where is that beautiful illusion now?” ”

Finally, Marciano and Viviana reconnected in the country of superb wine in 2018. They were also able to give that narrative a telenovela ending. “Fortunately, we met again, and we married last year,” Cantero said in 2020, after deciding to return to the city where he grew up with the love of his life.

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Cucho Galarza shocked by the death

The bassist of the well-known Peruvian rock band confirmed to Infobae that they planned to share the stage with the “Ananitos Verdes” in the coming months. He also wrote a touching note to the singer’s family.

Cucho' Galarza: «El gusto por Río se dio en todos los estratos y fue pasando generacionalmente» – Inforegion

Marciano Cantero’s death has stunned Latin American rock and all admirers of ‘Los Enanitos Verdes.’ The primary vocalist and leader of the Argentine band established in 1979 died at the age of 62 due to health difficulties. The composer had been in a clinic since the end of August, and doctors discovered a kidney condition that led to his death.

His demise stunned his devoted followers, loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Infobae spoke with Lucio ‘Cucho’ Galarza, a member of the Peruvian group ‘Rio,’ about his sentiments at the loss of a legendary singer in the music industry. It is worth noting that both bands were among the most influential and popular of the 1980s and 1990s, gaining the hearts of millions of rock fans.

“I knew they were going to operate on him since they had discovered something wrong with his organs.” We’ve had a distant acquaintance with Marciano, but we’ve crossed paths in so many shows over the years. He always had a unique feel and was a really distinct person. He used to look you in the eyes, not over his shoulder. As a bassist, composer, and vocalist, I’ve always admired him. “It’s truly a tragedy,” the Peruvian bassist said to our reporters.

‘Cucho’ Galarza laments not sharing the stage with Marciano Cantero again and disclosed that they were talking about reuniting their bands for a gig in some Peruvian city next October. This comes after ‘Los Enanitos Verdes’ announced presentations in Chiclayo, Arequipa, Trujillo, Piura, and Lima.

‘Cucho’ Galarza did not stop expressing his surprise at what transpired during the interview with our media till 8:00 p.m. He was unable to speak with Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernández, better known as Marciano Cantero’s coworkers or family. “I got the news on the street. According to the most recent information, he recovered well from the procedure and had an excellent prognosis. I’m still in shock.”

The singer did not cease offering his condolences to Marciano Cantero’s family during this sad time, emphasizing the caliber of human beings that the vocalist was in life. “My heartfelt sympathies to his followers and blood relatives.” Marciano Cantero’s death in music is a tragedy, and I’m sure the public feels the same way. He was a wonderful human being. Many individuals, I believe, share this viewpoint. “See you soon, Martian.”

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Marciano Cantero’s cause of death will be updated as soon as possible.

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