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Locke & Key Season 3: What Happens in Season Three?

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As the titular Locke family, it has been revealed that Jackson Robert Scott (It), Emilia Jones (Coda), Aaron Ashmore (Veronica Mars), and Darby Stanchfield (Scandal) will all return. Additionally, Laysla De Oliveira (In The Tall Grass) will make a comeback as the demonic Dodge, and Kevin Durand (Legion) will continue to play the menacing Captain Gideon.

Scot has left to pursue a career in film in England, so it’s unclear if actor Petrice Jones (Step Up High Water) will return. However, Ellie, who has just been rescued, is portrayed by Sherri Saum (Sunset Beach), and Rufus, her son, is portrayed by Coby Bird (The Good Doctor), both of whom have been confirmed as returning cast members with even bigger roles in the upcoming season.

Griffin Gluck (American Vandal), who played the enigmatic and cunning Gabe in the previous two seasons, is one of the cast members who is a fan favorite but has not been officially confirmed to return. We don’t know if this version of the character will return in Season 3 because his body is missing during the crucial cliffside battle and because his true identity was exposed. Although the actress Hallea Jones (Let It Snow) hasn’t been confirmed, it’s likely that she will return because her character is stuck at the bottom of the well.

What Happens in Locke and Key Season Three?

In the upcoming episode, there are more villains than Dodge causing havoc, however, some of them are utterly stuck. After lifting the echo of the possessed Captain Gideon from the well, Eden was herself flung carelessly into the pitch-black abyss. Her character will undoubtedly return, but there are whispers that Eden may flip sides and seek vengeance with the Locke family after being tricked and used by the demons she had previously sought to help.

Most of the keys, which were given to the Locke family by the echo of Lucas after he survived the wreckage at the site of the demolished cliffside mansion, are now in their control. With the help of the keys, Bode updated his mother on the status of the demons her children have been combating.

Locke & Key Season 3

In the meantime, Tyler made the decision to take a break as he deals with the death of Jackie, whose passing he still feels guilty for because his key killed both the demon possessing her and the body that it was inhabiting. Tyler’s reappearance is alluded to in the Season 3 teaser, where a voice is heard saying that you cannot escape your past. But as Tyler approaches his 18th birthday, his memory and his ties to his family could shift.

However, Tyler has stated that he wants to return to his normal life and has refused to use the Memory key, despite the fact that hopes are high that Tyler would discover a method to bring his boyfriend, Jackie, back. Unfortunately, none of the Locke family members may be able to lead a typical life.

Since Season 2, Duncan’s memories of the keys and the tragic events surrounding them have been recovered, Erin Voss’ mind has been released from her mental captivity, and Ellie has been rescued from behind the Black Door. The family is relieved to have their friends and memories back, but they remain on edge and unsure of whom to believe.

Given that Gabe’s body is still missing after the horrific cliffside crash, Dodge might be anywhere or inside anyone. According to the Season 3 trailer, Dodge is back, and if the storyline holds true to the original material, the demon might eventually possess a Locke family member. However, it appears that the series will depart from the comic book’s plot by way of Captain Gideon’s return to the town of Matheson based on the closing episode of Season 2 and the Season 3 trailers.

Many people are speculating about if more demons will be summoned from the other side for an epic battle between good and evil and if they will ever travel through the Black Door themselves as the family prepares to fight the two villains in the following season.

Locke & Key Season 3 (2)

Ellie, who is reported to be traumatized by what she went through behind the Black Door, is one of the characters who has seen what is on the other side of the Omega gate.

The Lockes may have an advantage over their interdimensional adversaries in the final confrontation thanks to Ellie’s expertise and connection to the other side. The Lockes will have to cooperate in order to discover the secret to finally taking down Dodge.

What day will Locke & Key Season 3 be available for purchase?

According to the statements made during Netflix’s Geeked Week, the third season of Locke & Key will debut on August 10, 2022, which is a little over a month from now. Yay! This series’ Season 2 and Season 3 are separated by less than a year, therefore the third season’s filming started before Season 2 ever aired. The plot of Season 3 will likely pick up just where Season 2 left off, with little to no time passing in between.

Where Can You Watch Season Three of Locke and Key?

Locke & Key Season 3 will be available on Netflix, where you can watch the show from the convenience of your home, just like the first two seasons.

Locke & Key Season 3 (3)

Need to catch up on the fantasy program aimed at families? The first two seasons’ complete episodes are all presently streaming on Netflix. So secure your preferred couch position and start binge-watching.

The Third-season Cast of Locke & Key?

The main cast of the show will undoubtedly return for the third season. This comprises:

As Tyler Locke, Connor Jessup
As Kinsey Locke Jackson, Emilia Jones Bode Locke, played by Robert Scott
Nina Locke, played by Darby Stanchfield
As Duncan Locke, Aaron Ashmore

In addition to this core group, the team will additionally consist of:

Scot Cavendish is Petrice Jones.
Josh Bennett, played by Brendan Hines
Frederick Gideon, played by Kevin Durand
Demon actor Laysla De Oliveira Dodge
As Ellie, Sherri Saum

Rufus Coby Bird

It is announced that these individuals will return to their respective roles in season 3. Griffin Gluck, who played Gabe in the previous two seasons and is a fan favorite, has not yet been confirmed for season 3 because his body vanished following the cliffside combat.

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