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Lisa Vanderpump attends the Christening of her 8-month-old grandson Teddy with her family

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The Vanderpump clan is having a party in honor of the arrival of their newest member.

61-year-old Vanderpump Rules star Theodore, 8 months, was christened on the day he was born. Theodore is Pandora and Jason Sabo’s first child and Vanderpump’s first grandchild.

Vanderpump captioned three sets of images with the remark, “The christening of my darling Teddy Paws,” which included family photos and photos with the priest who performed the service.

Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump flashes a broad grin as she cuddles Teddy in all-white attire as if to match the baby.

A black-and-white photo of Vanderpump cradling Teddy, her first grandchild, was posted on Instagram in November and dubbed “absolute perfection.”

Smitten with baby Theodore, Vanderpump proclaimed in the description of her Instagram post. My new nickname is Nanny Pinky, thanks to Pandy and Jason.


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Using a photo of their baby boy’s little hand resting in her and her husband Jason’s hands, Pandora Sabo, 36, announced the arrival of Theodore in 2011.

“Theodore. 6 pounds, 7 ounces of pure delight. Your birth was the happiest day of our lives, and your father and I are grateful every day that you are well and happy “Pandora penned a note in the image’s description. “Teddy, you are adored by so many people!”

“Theodore. Thank you for making me a mother, I love you so much! “Another photo was posted by her.

For Her Grandson, Lisa Vanderpump Has a Special Way of Celebrating Milestones

Lisa Vanderpump is a reality television star.

Lisa Vanderpump posted images from a family gathering and an important party that she had attended recently.

The christening of her grandson Theodore Sappo was celebrated by the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on July 17, 2022. In November 2021, Vanderpump’s daughter, Pandora, and her husband, Jason Sabo, welcomed their first child, Teddy. Before he was even conceived, he has been a “gift” to Vanderpump.

61-year-old Vanderpump’s family had been in mourning since the death of their three children in a short amount of time when Pandora announced her pregnancy last year.

In light of the recent losses of my brother, mother, and [my dog] Vanderpump, my daughter’s pregnancy is a blessing,” Vanderpump remarked of her daughter’s pregnancy. Love for children and motherhood are two of my greatest joys in life.” For us, it’s a good thing.”

That a proud grandmother tried her best to help throw an exquisite religious party for her grandson may come as no surprise, after all.

Lisa Vanderpump shared pictures from the baptism of her grandson

Vanderpump showed her Instagram followers her grandson’s christening day through a series of photos. In a few pictures, members of the wealthy family were shown with the priest who baptized Teddy. They were all wearing light blue and white clothes that went well together.

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Vanderpump, her husband Ken Todd, and the child’s parents were there, as well as the child’s grandparents, Sabo, Vanderpump’s son Max Todd, and Robert Kovacic, a Los Angeles news anchor who has known the family for a long time. Other pictures showed Teddy’s open-air altar and a beautiful place to eat lunch with a view of the Hollywood Hills.

“My beloved Teddy Paws is getting baptized!” Vanderpump said something about the pictures.

Vanderpump’s daughter Pandora also posted pictures from the day with the caption, “Theodore’s baptism: what a special day to welcome Teddy’s parents into the family and celebrate with loved ones.” I’m so thankful for my small family and my beautiful baby!”

Baby Teddy’s Grandmother is Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump gave herself the nickname “Nanny Pinky” when her grandson was born eight months earlier. In November, the “Vanderpump Rules” star told fans the name of her famous grandmother.

She wrote on Instagram, “So crazy in love with baby Theodore.” During the time Teddy was born. “Thank you, Bundy and Jason, for giving me the job of taking care of Pinkie!”

In December 2021, Vanderpump posted a picture of herself holding her baby grandson as she reflected on a hard year. “Oh, Little Teddy,” he said. “Aw, Vanderpumpkin is so cute! This year has been hard, but he makes it all worth it.”

The Daily Mail says so.

In April 2022, she took her family, including baby Teddy, to Las Vegas for the grand opening of Vanderpump à Paris, their newest restaurant in Las Vegas.

Vanderpump posted a picture of herself holding Teddy on a private jet with her family. “VanderpumpParis can’t be opened without a lot of help from my family, especially this little helper! “#teddypaws,” she wrote as the post’s caption.

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