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Security Footage Captures Lil Baby’s Bodyguard Shoving a Fan From the Stage During a Performance

Jeremy Caroll

While Lil Baby was playing at a festival in Switzerland earlier this week, a security guard forcibly forced a man off the stage.

A security guard can be seen racing into the screen and forcing a fan off the stage during Lil Baby’s act at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival on Thursday, sending him falling into a nearby barricade. By TMZ’s account, the security guy was working for Lil’ Baby. It’s unclear if the man was hurt in the incident.

A day before, Roddy Ricch had gotten into an altercation with a concertgoer at the same festival for jumping onstage during his performance. The Compton native seemed to repeatedly kick the fan who tried to grab his leg while he was put to the ground by security.

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As a result of over-zealous fans, rappers have had a strange week on the road. While the fights between Roddy and Lil Baby were going on, Cardi B was also confronted with an incident at the Wireless Festival in London, where someone tried to take her mic and wouldn’t let go.

Slowed-down footage of the altercation disproved earlier accusations that Cardi swung at her supporters.

An Onstage Security Guard Forced a Fan Out of the Way So Forcefully That Lil Baby Said, “He Could Have Broken His Neck.”

After a fan was pushed off stage by Lil Baby’s security during a recent performance at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival in Switzerland, the rapper was mercilessly ridiculed online over the weekend. Several videos of the rapper’s fan being pushed from the stage and falling to the barricades were shared on Twitter.

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While the 27-year-old rapper was performing at the festival, a fan attempted to approach him on stage. However, Lil Baby’s security allegedly threw the fan off the stage before he could intervene.

Comes one day after a fan tried to grab Roddy Ricch’s leg during his performance, which resulted in a confrontation with the rapper. While performing at Wireless Festival, Cardi B appeared to get into a fight with a fan who was trying to grab her microphone.

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