Lauren Goodger Announces the Death of Her Newborn Child.


Only Essex Alum Can Save Us ‘i Am Broken’: Lauren Goodger Announces the Death of Her Newborn Child.

Jeremy Caroll

It was revealed on Sunday that Larose’s older sister Lorena had passed away shortly after her birth in July of this year. The British reality star and mother of Larose (whom she welcomed with Charles Drury in July of 2021) made the announcement.

“Lorena R.I.P 08.07.22,” Goodger, 35, posted on Instagram beside an image of what looks to be her daughter’s hand clinging onto her fingers.

Her sister @babylarose.x described her as “the most gorgeous healthy baby she’d ever seen.” Goodger went on, saying that. When a mother loses a child, “words cannot convey as a mother losing your kid that I carried for all these months wonderfully and gave birth to for my angel to be snatched from me.”


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No cause for Lorena’s death was given by the television star, although she did say, “There were no pregnancy or labor issues and she was fine & healthy.”

Nothing about her or me was flawed; we were flawless. I don’t understand,” she said, gushing over how “so very gorgeous” Lorena truly is.

She wrote, “I am broken.” “The hospital stay is over and I’m back at home. In addition to the time we spent with Lorena, Charlie and I haven’t said our goodbyes yet.”

Drury and Goodger have “a lot of grief and funeral planning” to deal with at this time, Goodger said, requesting “privacy right now.”

Lauren Goodger Announces the Death of Her Newborn Child.

Her words were accompanied by the declaration that Larose had been her “rock” and the one person who could have saved her life otherwise.

Lorena’s death “will haunt me for the rest of my life,” the TOWIE alum wrote at the end of the devastating piece. “Her presence will always be with me, and I’ll see her again someday… Lorena is one of my favorite people in the world. I adore you to the core.”

Céline Dion’s “The Prayer” played in the background as Goodger uploaded a broken-heart emoji to Instagram on Tuesday.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Goodger made her second pregnancy announcement earlier this year after appearing on the British edition of the show.

New! magazine’s pictures of her cradling baby Larose while showing off her pregnant bulge went viral in January and she posted, “The news is out!” on Instagram.

Lauren Goodger Announces the Death of Her Newborn Child.

“I’m pregnant with my second child, and it’s a girl!” she said. “I can’t wait for Larose to meet her new sibling.”

Goodger and Drury thanked their friends and family on Monday for their support following their announcement of Lorena’s passing.

OK! magazine U.K.’s spokesman said the couple is “absolutely overwhelmed and touched by the response,” according to the Daily Mail.

Though it does not alleviate their suffering, “seeing how much support there is for them” has been comforting to the representative.

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