Korean Drama Glitch: Release Date Just Dropped by Netflix

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K-dramas are quickly becoming the dominant form of content on streaming platforms thanks to the incredible stories they tell. We’ll be getting another one soon. Are you excited? The film ‘Glitch’ tells the narrative of a young woman who becomes involved with a UFO-watching society in an effort to locate her lover, who has gone missing.

Hong Ji-Hyo is from a prestigious and prosperous family. Because of her familial connections, she has established herself in a secure career. Her lover of four years went missing one night for no apparent reason. That undoubtedly comes as a shock and adds an air of mystique.

Jeon Yeo-been and NANA have decided to work together on this thrilling but perhaps perilous expedition into the unknown. And there is a great deal more to disclose. There have already been a number of updates, and the following is everything that we are aware of concerning the next series.

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An Announcement Regarding the Release Date of “Glitch”

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the release date, which is going to be here sooner than you anticipate. Netflix will make the show Glitch available to stream on their platform on October 7, 2022.

The pilot episode of Glitch was written by Jin Han-sae, who is also the creator of the critically acclaimed Netflix series Extracurricular, which debuted in the year 2020.

In addition, a fresh poster for this upcoming drama has been made available, and you can view it down below. The words “My boyfriend is nowhere to be found on Earth” are printed as the caption on the poster.

The alluring qualities of the poster come from the brilliant lights that are focused on the main character as well as the way she is looking at the poster. The audience is in for a lot of suspense, and it promises to be a fascinating thing to see.

The Upcoming Cast Members for Netflix’s Korean Drama Glitch

This is the most exciting part. The audience is not only looking forward to the engrossing narrative, but also to witnessing the cast members in action. Furthermore, the cast of Glitch is not your typical ensemble. They are brimming with talented individuals with unique personalities. Have a look at the list down here.

Hong Ji-Hyo portrayed by Jeon Yeo-been

After making a cameo appearance in the independent film “After My Death,” South Korean actress Jeon Yeo-been Jeon gained widespread recognition. Following her roles in the television series Vincenzo (2021) and the crime action film Night in Paradise, Jeon’s career is on the up, and she is seeing increased success as a result (2021).

She began acting after Moon So-ri, a starlet and filmmaker, encouraged her to appear in a short film called The Best Director after seeing her in a teaser for the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. She did not begin performing until five years later. And now, she’s going to establish a name for herself in the new series that’s coming out.

Nana as Heo Bo-ra

Following the conclusion of Oh My Ladylord on May 28, 2021, Nana was given the role of “Heo Bora” in the upcoming series Glitch on Netflix, which she will star in alongside the actress Jeon Yeo-been. As a former member of the South Korean girl group After School and its subgroups Orange Caramel and After School Red, she has amassed a considerable amount of fame.

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Nana has played the role of a starlet in a number of different television programs.

Lee Dong-hwi as Lee Si-kook – Hong Ji-boyfriend Hyo’s

After making an appearance in the highly acclaimed television show Reply in 1988, he catapulted to stardom (2015–2016). And now he’s playing the part of a missing boyfriend all over again.

Ryu Kyung-soo in character as the police officer Kim Byung-jo

Heo Sung-tae

Baek Joo-hee

Jung Da-bin

Ko Chang-seok

Kim Byung-chul

Christian Lagahit

Kim Ja-young

Jung Won-chang

Kwon Hae-hyo

Jung Jae-kwang

What are some of the things you think will happen in the next Korean drama? Soon, we will also release other changes. You are more than welcome to continue following our updates in the meanwhile.

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