Kathy Griffin Has Survived Lung Cancer Despite the Permanent Damage to Her Vocal Chords That She Claims Was Caused by a Surgeon

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After sustaining damage to her vocal cords as a result of her recent fight against lung cancer, the American comedian and actress Kathy Griffin shared her concerns about the possibility that her voice may never return to its previous state in March. Now, she is blaming the surgeon who performed the operation on her for causing irreversible damage to her vocal chords, a loss that cannot be repaired and has completely flipped her life upside down.

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The Sound of Kathy’s Voice Was Her…

Kathy Griffin, 61, took to social media on Monday (August 22) to ask her followers for medical assistance after being “ghosted” by her surgeon. Now, she is blaming him for inflicting irreparable damage to her vocal chords, which she claims he did.

The comedienne initially revealed in August 2021 that she had been given a diagnosis of the disease; however, she later disclosed in November 2021 that she was no longer affected by cancer. Her voice was changed when she underwent treatment for lung cancer, and it is now far higher in pitch than it was before. However, the damage to her vocal cords is now irreversible.

On Monday (August 22), Kathy sent out the following tweet: “Sucks! He did irreparable damage to both my vocal chords and my arytenoids. My singing is how I make a life. The fact that other people are defending a surgeon who has caused me so many problems is discouraging to me. I had stage 1. I have a terrible feeling that this jackass of a doctor would have recommended that I undergo chemotherapy or radiation instead of surgery.

She responded that he was a surgeon who did her 1/2 left lung ectomy and that a fan had asked her whether she had tried reaching out to Dr. Robert McKenna in Santa Monica, the 61-year-old comic who was suffering from stage-one lung cancer. McKenna was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011. It was retweeted by her:

“He was the surgeon who removed the half of my left lung that was diseased. However, I no longer have faith in him due to the fact that on the same day that he performed my operation in the morning, he then went under anesthesia and had knee surgery on himself a few hours later in the same hospital. That means he didn’t consume anything before he cut me, right?

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More Than Just the Harm Done…

Kathy Griffin never stopped leveling new accusations against the previously stated doctor, this time claiming that he irreparably damaged both her vocal chords and her arytenoids. She added that her voice was her living, and it is highly frustrating for her that others are trusting a surgeon who has caused her troubles. She explained that her voice was her livelihood.

She closed the tweet with the following message: “I was in stage 1.” I really regret going through with surgery with this quack doctor when I could have saved my life with chemotherapy and radiation. She revealed in March that the operation she had caused damage to her vocal cords, and that the damage was permanent.

Griffin continued, “I’m sick to death of not having my voice, and I’m frightened that it will never get better since they said it would be better by now and it isn’t.” Griffin’s voice has not improved since the time they predicted it would. You have the opportunity to listen to Kathy’s voice here.

If you look into Kathy’s career, you’ll notice that she has been nominated for a Grammy for each of her six albums, she has starred in various television comedy specials like “The Groundlings,” and she has co-hosted television shows like “The View.” Her most recent album is “For Your Consideration.”

Griffin was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2007 and again in 2008 for her reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. In addition, she has made several cinematic appearances in supporting parts. She has endured a loss that cannot be made up for, and it is due to the recent operation as well as, should we say, the neglect of the surgeon. There has been no word on whether or if she has taken legal action against the doctor as of yet. Keep reading for more updates on this matter.

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