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Karl Urban Net Worth: All About His Personal Life!

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Karl-Heinz Urban, a well-known actor from New Zealand, was born on June 7th, 1972. It was Xena: Warrior Princess and other New Zealand-based movies and TV productions that helped him get his start in the entertainment industry. His first major part in a Hollywood film was in the 2002 film Ghost Ship.

As Éomer, he plays a starring role in both the second and third installments of “The Lord of the Rings,” trilogy. Since that time, he has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed movies. As Leonard McCoy, he has appeared in the Riddick series, Judge Dredd, Dredd, and most recently in the film Thor: Ragnarok. Additionally, in the Star Trek reboot series, he played the role of Vaako. In 2013, he was a guest star in the science fiction television series Almost Human. Since 2019, he has played the role of Billy Butcher in the streaming television series The Boys, which is produced by Amazon.

Early Life of Karl Urban

The urban movement began in Wellington, which is located in New Zealand. His German immigrant father owned and operated a leather goods company, and his mother worked at Film Facilities in Wellington at one time. These two jobs used to be on his parents’ résumé.

Young Urban’s mother was a big influence in his life, and as a result, he developed a love for classic New Zealand cinema and the ambition to pursue a career in the industry. When Urban was attending St. Mark’s Church School, he first discovered that he enjoyed giving speeches in front of an audience.

At the age of eight, he got his start in the acting industry by speaking a single line in an episode of the New Zealand television series Pioneer Woman. This was his first break into the world of acting.

Karl Urban Net Worth

Because he was involved in so many school productions, his career as an actor had to be cut short before he could graduate from college.

During the time that he spent as a student at Wellington College, which was between the years 1986 and 1990.

After that, he decided to pursue a career in acting, so he enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at Victoria University of Wellington, but he left the program after only one year.

In the years that followed, he appeared in a number of advertisements and played a variety of theatre roles throughout Wellington. It wasn’t long before he was enticed away from there by the promise of cameo roles in television shows being produced in Auckland (one of which was playing a heroin addict in the police drama Shark in the Park).

In 1995, Urban moved to Bondi Beach, which is located in Sydney, Australia. He stayed there for a year before moving back to New Zealand in 1996.


His debut as a leading man occurred in the horror movie Ghost Ship, which was released in 2002. Since then, he has been in a number of critically acclaimed films such as Éomer, The Bourne Supremacy, The Chronicles of Riddick, Star Trek, and Doom. He also had roles in The Two Towers and The Return of the King in addition to The Bourne Supremacy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Casino Royale director Martin Campbell, who is also a native of New Zealand, is rumored to have given Urban some thought for the role of British secret service agent 007 during the production of the film.

Karl Urban Net Worth

Actor Karl Urban hails from New Zealand, and it is reported that he has a fortune of $20 million. Karl Urban’s introduction to a wide variety of New Zealand cinematic treasures began at an early age, shortly after he and his mother emigrated to the United States when he was just six years old. He is equally active on social media such as Instagram and Twitter.


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Karl Urban became a major Hollywood star after the release of his first film, “Ghost Ship,” in the year 2002. Karl Urban is one of the most well-known actors of his generation. He is known for his roles as Eomer in the second and third Lord of the Rings films, as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in “Star Trek,” and as Vaako in the “Riddick” films. Other notable roles include Kirill in “The Bourne Supremacy,” Judge Dredd, CIA agent William Cooper, and Caesar in “Xena: Warrior Princess.”

Karl Urban received critical acclaim in his native country for his roles in “The Price of Milk,” “Out of the Blue,” and several other New Zealand productions. Between the years 2013 and 2014, Karl Urban portrayed the role of Detective John Kennex in the television series “Almost Human.”

Karl Urban and Natalie Wihongi tied the knot in September of 2004, and they have been happily married ever since. They have a son named Hunter and a daughter named Indy. Karl Urban and his family make their home in the city of Auckland in New Zealand.

Personal Life of Karl Urban

In 2004, Urban said yes to Natalie Wihongi’s marriage proposal. Wihongi had worked as Urban’s makeup artist in the television movie The Privateers, which was released in 2000.

The couple currently has two children together: Hunter, who was born on December 16, 2000, and Indiana “Indy,” who was born on June 28, 2005. Their property, which was valued at $5.25 million New Zealand dollars, was located at Herne Bay in the city of Auckland in New Zealand.

Karl Urban Net Worth

Following the announcement of their divorce in June of that same year, the couple sold their home in December 2014 for a price of 6.65 million New Zealand dollars. Between the years 2014 and 2018, he was romantically involved with Katee Sackhoff.

Urban is a celebrity ambassador for KidsCan, a charity that helps over 16,000 disadvantaged children in New Zealand by providing them with necessities such as food, clothing, and shoes.

In May of 2022, UNICEF Aotearoa New Zealand elevated Urban to the position of official Ambassador in order to assist in increasing awareness of children’s rights throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Keith and Karl Urban Related?

No matter how persistent the rumors may be, spokespeople for Karl have stated unequivocally that he is not related to Keith Urban, a famous artist who hails from New Zealand and has both the first letter “K” and the surname Karl with Karl. It is thought that he, together with his other two brothers, founded the band known as “The Urban Brothers.”

What Is Karl Urban Doing Now?

He has been playing the part of Billy Butcher in the streaming television series The Boys, which is produced by Amazon and has been airing since the year 2019.

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