Jon Gosselin Accused Ex-Wife Kate of Stealing $100,000 From Their Two Children

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Jon Gosselin has recently asserted that his ex-wife Kate Gosselin is responsible for the theft of a total of one hundred thousand dollars from two of their children. On the other hand, when we discuss Kate’s perspective on the situation, she admits that she has recently taken a loan from their offspring in order to cover some of her expenses.

Keep reading if you want to gain deeper insight into the charges that the former reality star Jon Gosselin has made against his ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

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According to Jon’s accusations, his ex-wife stole $100,000 from their two children

According to the court records obtained by The Sun, the actress of Kate Plus 8 admitted that she withdrew not one but a total of two separate withdrawals of $50,000 from two of her kids’ trusts, but she further stated that it was “to survive.” The legal documents were obtained by The Sun.

Previously, in the document that was filed with the court in 2019, Kate indicated that funds from Hannah’s and Collin’s accounts were being used to “meet her and the children’s expenses.” During the same year, Kate made her first home purchase, a lakefront property in North Carolina priced at $750,000.

The actor from Couples Therapy had previously discussed the topic with The Sun, during which time he stated, “It’s filthy and it’s ethically wrong.”

Jon continied his statement by saying to the news organization, “Parents are not meant to remove any money from these accounts without authorization and without drawing up proof promising they will pay it back — yet she has produced no paperwork and no payments have been made.” To wrap things off, he stated, “You can’t just live off the money your kids give you.”

What does Kate have to say about the claims that her ex-husband Jon Gosselin has made against her?

The documents that were obtained by The Sun reveal that Kate makes the allegation that each of her eight children owes her money. She also states that she paid for each of her children’s tuition at a private school out of her own personal funds.

In the filing, Kate made the following assertion: “So I mean I’m not looking to collect that, but I borrowed $100,000 from the kids’ trust.” And, technically speaking, it owes me $387,000″

Jon also noted in the records that Kate has not yet paid back the trusts that were established for their children Hannah and Collin, despite the fact that a judge ruled that she should make some arrangements to do so.

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Only Jon’s children Hannah and Collin are in any kind of relationship with him

Although Jon and Kate have eight children together, the only two of their children with whom he maintains a close bond are Hannah and Collin. The former cast member of Jon & Kate Plus 8 revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that “[Communicating with] the children that live with Kate is incredibly difficult since I do not have an open relationship with them.”

Jon continued by saying, “I was estranged from those children because of [Kate]. In my opinion, that was a horrible choice to make as a parent. It would have been much more beneficial if she had been more forthright with them and explained things in a more thorough manner.

The children of the former couple, Hannah and Collin, have been living with their father Jon since August 2021. In the meantime, Kate is the primary caregiver for Alexis, Aaden, Joel, and Leah. In addition, Jon and Kate are the parents of Cara and Madelyn, who are now 21 years old.

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