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Johny Deep Wins ex-wife Amber Heard Defamation Trail: What Was Depp’s Monetary Gain in Court?

Jeremy Caroll

To their dismay, the jury in Virginia found on June 2 that Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard had falsely accused him in an op-ed published in 2018. Actor Johnny Depp’s reputation was damaged by Heard’s op-ed in which she claimed that she was a “public figure symbolizing domestic abuse.” Depp’s lawyer, on the other hand, had defamed her as well, it was discovered.

Depp was granted $15 million in compensation and punitive penalties, however because of legal constraints this amount was reduced to $10.35 million. Amber Heard was awarded $2 million in damages by a jury.

After the verdict was announced, Amber Heard expressed her “heartbreak.” According to the lawyer for John Doe, “I believe Johnny’s counsel was successful in getting the jury to disregard the key issue about Freedom of Speech and ignoring evidence which we gained in the UK.”


On his Instagram account, Johnny Depp also released a statement that read, “It is with great sadness that I must announce that I am no longer a part of the Johnny Depp family “Those who have known and loved me for a long time were forever altered six years ago along with the lives of my children and those closest to me, as well as those who have supported and believed in me for a very long time. Everything happened in a split second.”

“My reputation was tarnished by false reports in the media that led to an onslaught of hate mail, but no charges were ever filed against me despite the seriousness of the allegations. Personally and professionally, it had already traveled twice around the world in a single millisecond. After six years, a jury decided to give me my life back. I’m very humbled, “Johnny Depp has written.

“Given the significant legal challenges and potential public exposure, I deliberated long and hard before deciding to take this case to trial. From the beginning, the purpose of this lawsuit was simply to expose the truth, no matter what the verdict was. Being honest with myself and with those who have stood by me was a responsibility that I felt I had to fulfill. Because I’ve finally achieved my goal, I’m at peace with myself “According to Depp,


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Johnny Depp’s Defamation Settlement Was for How Much?

Johnny Depp has been granted USD 15 million in damages by the jury. Another aspect of the libel case against Johnny Depp has been won by Amber Heard, whose previous lawyer portrayed her claims of domestic abuse as a fraud in an article in an anonymously owned newspaper. Two million dollars in damages have been granted to Amber Heard by the jury.

Are There Any Debts That Johnny Depp Owes Amber?

In contrast to the $100 million sought in her countersuit, Ms. Heard received just $2 million in economic damages and no punitive penalties. Due to a $350,000 cap on punitive damages in Virginia, the actress must pay Johnny Depp $10.35 million.

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