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Jessica Jung Dating: Sisters Who Make Waves: “That’s going to be embarrassing.” Gillian Chung’s ex-boyfriend is dating Jessica Jung

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Is there any turbulence in the water ahead despite the artists’ recent success?

According to reports, Sisters Who Make Waves’ third season results were leaked earlier this week. The top 10 contestants were Cyndi Wang, Jessica Jung, Kelly Yu, Tan Weiwei, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Fiona Sit, Amber Kuo, Tang Shiyi, and Zhang Tianai, in that order.

Over 30 female stars past their prime compete in the popular Chinese reality competition show to make their debut as a new 10-member girl group.

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This indicates that Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung and American K-pop star Jessica Jung will make their debuts in the same girl group.

The ties Jessica and Gillian have with American businessman Tyler Kwon, however, form a stronger connection between them.

Gillian was dating Kwon, the CEO of Coridel Entertainment, during the time she was filming Ip Man: The Final Fight in 2012. After ten months, the couple broke up amid allegations of adultery.

In 2016, Jessica, 33, declared her relationship with Kwon, 42.

On the South Korean news website Instiz, a user wrote, “That’s going to be awkward.”

“What, the current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend in the same group?” exclaimed another.

Another person asked if it was a Hollywood production, “Ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend.”

At the time, Gillian, now 41, chose to discuss the reasons for their failing relationship rather than confront those rumors.

“The issues we’ve faced didn’t arise overnight; rather, they gradually grew. We lead various lifestyles. I prefer to stay home, whereas he is a businessman who must socialize as part of his job and makes logical judgments “During a news conference, Gillian told the Hong Kong reporters.

Added her: “Most of the conversations he had with his buddies were difficult for me to understand, so I frequently queried him about what he had said. We had a lot of trouble communicating with one another. I would become quite irritated when he doesn’t comprehend what I’m saying and still doesn’t grasp it when I explain it to him.”

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Gillian wed Taiwanese physician Michael Lai in 2018, but the couple later announced their divorce.

When Jessica announced her deal with Kwon’s Coridel Entertainment in 2016, she acknowledged that she had been seeing him for three years.

Jessica stated the following in a May 2016 interview with Star News: “Being a member of the entertainment sector, [Kwon] finds people in other fields to be cool. He is a person you should respect.”

Since then, the couple has remained together, and despite his infrequent use of Instagram, Kwon has been sending the singer birthday greetings ever since 2015.

Cheers to J’s birthday! In April of this year, Kwon posted something with the hashtag “#soulmates.”


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