Jennette McCurdy’s Life: Why is it that Jennette McCurdy is relieved that her mother passed away?

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Do you remember the sweet and talented actress Jennette McCurdy, who featured on the Nickelodeon comedy iCarly as everyone’s favorite character Sam? There’s no way you don’t know her! The actress has had starring roles in a number of different television programs, including Victorious, True Jackson, VP, and Malcolm in the Middle, in addition to the iCarly spin-off series Sam & Cat. She achieved a tremendous deal of success and was honored with a lot of prizes.

The life narrative of the former actress, on the other hand, is actually filled with a number of unfortunate events, in spite of the fact that she appeared bubbly and upbeat while she was appearing in the series. We take a more in-depth look at the events of Jennette McCurdy’s life, as well as her profession and whereabouts, in this post. Let’s get started without further ado, shall we?

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Where Is Jennette McCurdy Currently? What Is She Doing Now?

In 2017, iCarly actor Jennette McCurdy announced her retirement from the acting industry, citing her inability to land a role in a production of which she could be proud to be a part. Now I have a better chance of making things that I can be proud of as opposed to being cast in things that I can be proud of. At this point in her career, she is concentrating on directing and producing. She has directed four films so far, with just one being a feature-length picture and the others being shorts.

I’m Glad My Mom Died, her tragicomedy one-woman show, was performed in theaters in Los Angeles and New York City from February to March of 2020; plans for more dates were postponed and subsequently canceled due of the pandemic breakout. After then, in the year 2022, she wrote a memoir with the same name as her show at the same time.

In the same year, 2020, McCurdy also started hosting a podcast of interview called Empty Inside.

What is the Meaning Behind the Song “I am Glad My Mother Died”?

The film I’m Glad My Mom Died is about Jennette’s career as a child actress and her tough relationship with her mother, who passed away in 2013. Jennette’s mother was abusive toward her. McCurdy’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when McCurdy was between two and three years old. Following the diagnosis, her mother underwent a number of surgical procedures, chemotherapy, and a bone marrow transplant. McCurdy was 21 years old when her mother passed away in 2013 after a recurrence of cancer that began in 2010.

McCurdy revealed that her mother subjected her to emotional and sexual abuse throughout her childhood. She also said that her mother encouraged her to act when she was only 6 years old to support the family financially and because her mother wanted to become an actress herself.

She said that her mother pushed her to perform because her mother wanted to become an actor. In addition, the formerly famous actress stated that her mother was to blame for her eating disorder since she started putting dietary restrictions on her daughter when she was only 11 years old. She had treatment for both bulimia and anorexia.

The actress also disclosed that her mother conducted breast and vaginal checks on her until she was 16 or 17, ostensibly for the sake of preventing cancer, and that she was never allowed to shower by herself.

In light of this, Jennette started drinking heavily not long before her mother passed away, and she is currently attempting to get a handle on her drinking problems. She felt it would be inappropriate for her to participate in the 2021 remake of iCarly because it brought up painful memories of her mother’s abusive behavior in the first series.

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Does Jennette McCurdy Like Ariana Grande?

Fans of Nickelodeon will likely recall that Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande collaborated on the iCarly spin-off show Sam & Cat at one point. However, Jennette revealed in her autobiography that she did not appreciate working with Ariana Grande on Sam & Cat. Sam & Cat was a television show. Why, though, does Jennette McCurdy not enjoy Ariana Grande’s music?


In her book titled “I’m Glad My Mother Died,” the actress and novelist McCurdy admitted that, at the time, she harbored feelings of jealousy against Ariana Grande. McCurdy provided an explanation for why she was jealous of Grande by stating that the reason was because Grande had to decline a number of acting offers outside of the program. On the other side, Grande was able to bypass episodes of Sam & Cat because of her musical commitments.

Jennette also asserted that she was “exploited” while filming the show, and that Nickelodeon made an offer of $300,000 to her to stay silent about the terrible experiences she had during the production of the show.

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