Is Mario Lopez Sick? Check Out Health Update of Lopez


Is Mario Lopez Sick? Check Out Health Update of Lopez


Is Mario Lopez Sick? What Happen to him? The news that actor and TV personality Mario Lopez was ill was upsetting for his admirers. However, the manner in which Lopez recovered from his sickness is a well-known tale.

Mario Lopez is a television personality and actor in the United States. Seasons 2 and 3 of the American version of The X Factor propelled him to popularity.

Similarly, Lopez co-hosted Season 2 with the renowned Khloé Kardashian. In addition, he became the only host of The X Factor’s third season.

Let us now divert our attention to Mario Lopez’s Sick news. Please remain in contact with us to find out more.

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Is Mario Lopez Sick? What Happen to him?

As a youngster, the actor and television personality Mario Lopez suffered from an unidentified ailment. As a newborn, the X Factor host’s stomach was not fully developed, which was a dangerous condition.

A female Mexican curandera cured the ailment of Mario Lopez. Lopez remembered that his upbringing was difficult for him and his parents since he weighed 8.5 pounds at birth.

Is Mario Lopez Sick? Check Out Health Update of Lopez

In addition, his stomach was not fully developed, thus he was unable to hold anything. As a result, he dropped four pounds since his stomach never properly digested meals.

Similarly, Lopez stated that he owed his life to a Bruja, or Mexican witch doctor. He claims that the curandera resurrected him as an infant from the dead.

This indicates Lopez’s belief in other treatment methods besides Western medicine. As a little lad, a bruja preserved his life. It appears that the Actor accepts Bruja’s curative abilities for a particular disease.

As a result of his childhood recovery, Lopez urges many to give credit to alternative healers. He now lives a joyful life.

About Mario Lopez’s Illness

The condition of former X Factor host Mario Lopez was unusual and appeared to be a hereditary ailment. As an infant, Lopez’s illness prevented his stomach from growing full. This led Lopez to lose nearly half of his birth weight. His stomach was incapable of holding any food.

Is Mario Lopez Sick? Check Out Health Update of Lopez

The Actor disclosed that his health was so grave that his Father contacted a Catholic priest to grant him his last rights in the event that something went wrong.

Later, though, Lopez’s Father restored his son’s hope and refused to let him die. Additionally, Lopez’s father abducted him from the hospital and delivered him to a bruja in Ensenada, Mexico.

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Similarly to Lopez, his Father praises Bruja for healing his leg injury that was untreatable by Western treatment. Strictly speaking, Lopez’s youth led him to believe in complementary and alternative medicine. However, modern medicines were unable to heal him or his father.

Lopez appears to have a close relationship with his childhood witch doctor and credits her with accelerating his recuperation.

Mario Lopez Health Update

Currently, host and series actor Lopez appears to be well and unaffected by his childhood illness, which is reassuring for him and his viewers.

Is Mario Lopez Sick? Check Out Health Update of Lopez

Indeed, Lopez attributes his recovery to Bruja. According to several debunkers of urban legends, Bruja and witchcraft healing are seen as frightening and perilous, particularly in Western culture.

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In contrast, curanderas’ activities have garnered less notice and have become commonplace in recent years. Many Latinos, including the actor Mario Lopez, continue to value curanderas and their ancient wisdom traditions.

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