Is Grandma Holla Alive? The Internet Was Rife With Rumors About the Death of the Tiktok Star

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In 2018, Grandma Holla rose to fame on the social media platform TikTok as her videos began to quickly gain traction among users. Since yesterday, there have been persistent rumors circulating that the TikTok star had passed away after a long and courageous fight against cancer.

After hearing the news, followers began expressing their condolences over the passing of Grandma Holla, and she quickly became a hot topic on the video-sharing platform. However, there is no evidence to support the report that she has passed away. Is it true that Grandma Holla hasn’t passed away despite the widespread rumors? Continue reading to discover out.

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Is Grandma Holla Alive?

Fans of Grandma Holla will be relieved to learn that she is, in fact, still with us. It was determined that the rumors that she had passed away were not true. Janice Williams, the entertainer’s daughter, has clarified the situation and put an end to the widespread rumors by stating that her mother, Grandma Holla, is doing just great despite the many concerns that have been raised about her health.

“Hey holla, everything’s good. “Right now she is at home eating cereal,” Janice commented in the comment section of a post made on social media. Even though Grandma Holla is still with us, it appears that she is struggling with some sort of health problem behind the scenes. According to information obtained from various sources, the TikToker was taken to the hospital for treatment of an illness whose nature remains unknown. Despite this, she never stopped entertaining her followers, even when lying in her hospital bed.

On Monday, rumors began spreading that Grandma Holla had passed away

The question is, why did fans believe that Holla had passed away? It seems that they got Grandma Holla mixed up with another person who creates content online and goes by the name Ms. Holla. Unfortunately, Ms. Holla was the one who was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately succumbed to her illness a few days ago.

Relatively recently, Ms. Holla’s granddaughter Meika posted on her TikTok account to let her followers know that their grandmother had passed away. Meika disseminated a video that showed her family gathered beside a pond to disperse Ms. Holla’s ashes. The video was shared by Meika. She even showed the the location where her grandmother was laid to rest and explained that the location was chosen for the burial since Holla cherished it and frequently traveled there.

“This is the place that my grandmother’s heart has always been set on. “When we confronted her, she told us that she loved each and every one of us,” the woman stated in the video. The TikTok video quickly racked up more than six million views, and many viewers incorrectly concluded that the young woman was Grandma Holla’s granddaughter. This led to a lot of confusion.

Ms. Holla has always been open and honest about her battle with cancer, and she keeps her followers up to date on her treatment by regularly posting status updates. There is some uncertainty over her age, but based on her appearance, she appeared to be in her 80s.

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Last year, Grandma Holla became an internet sensation

Grandma Holla is known for her advise videos, which are usually amusing, honest and full of expletives. Her videos on TikTok quickly gained widespread attention and admirers after going viral in the previous year. A number of famous people have also shared the videos on social media.

R&B artist Toni Braxton uploaded a video to her social media profile back in January of this year and shared it with her fans. Because of this, Holla’s fame skyrocketed, and she picked up a substantial number of new followers.

Michelle Williams, Grandma Holla’s granddaughter, is the one who films and edits the videos, and it is Williams who uploads them to her own TikTok channel. In August of 2021, she filmed her first video involving Grandma as a joke for her audience. Already, more than 700 thousand people are following her profile.

It is possible that Grandma Holla will appear in a new TikTok video in the near future given that she is still with us. Keep an eye out for further reports and updates.

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