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In Response to the Recently Leaked Video Showing Rapper Polo G Berating a Cop, Polo G’s Lawyer Has Branded Miami Police as “Childish.”

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Polo G‘s misdemeanor charges – public servant/influence performance threat and resisting an officer without violence — from his Miami arrest in the summer of 2021 were dismissed a few months back. Ultimately, Polo G’s charges were withdrawn when he successfully completed an anger management course. Two felonies from Miami, violence on an officer, and threats against public servants were also dismissed prior to this. So, Polo G and the Miami Police Department’s feud seemed to be ended until a video of Polo G verbally abusing a cop surfaced online.

Polo G’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, has responded to the video in which he questions and mocks the cop’s lifestyle and professional path. To TMZ, Cohen claimed that law enforcement had released “heavily redacted” body cam footage that only included “the bits that degrade the defendant.” They didn’t show him being pushed to the ground or why he was pulled over,” Cohen said. That’s a no-brainer,” they respond.

Polo G

Because of the event, Polo G’s lawyer believes the Miami Police Department published the body camera tape. However, when TMZ contacted the Miami Police Department, a representative indicated that the department was not responsible for the publication of the footage.

According to Cohen, there is certainly a leak in the Miami Police Department. I haven’t ever seen a department respond to their misconduct by distributing highly manipulated derogatory film,” he added, adding that “a lot of people are losing faith in policing” due to the “childish” move.

Polo G’s Attorney Has Slammed Miami Police for Releasing Previously Undisclosed Footage of Rapper’s Arrest in 2021

The Miami Police Department has come under fire from Polo G’s lawyer when redacted bodycam footage of the rapper’s arrest in 2021 was public. In April, a court threw out the case.

According to TMZ, the department was “childish” when it only provided footage that depicted his client in a bad light. Bradford Cohen, who also represents Kodak Black, referred to the department as “childish.” He noted that “a lot of people are losing faith in cops” because of things like this.

Mr. Cohen alleged they failed to show him being knocked out and why he was pulled over. It’s understandable that they wouldn’t show it. Disparaging videos have never been used by a department to respond to their misdeeds,” says the author.

An officer reported that Polo G was resisting an officer with violence and resisting an officer without violence at an after-party to celebrate the release of his Hall of Fame record.

Polo is accused of punching and elbowing a police officer during a traffic check, resulting in a swollen right cheek and abrasions to the officer’s face.

Polo, on the other hand, was seen shackled and disparaging officers with his words rather than his fists in the footage that went viral on social media on Thursday (July 7).

Polo G

“You’re completely bankrupt!” Polo screamed in a single swathe. If you have $10,000 in your bank account, I’d like to know. ‘ If you died today, what would you leave your children? Was there anything that you could give the woman with whom you’ve been sleeping if you died right now? What could you possibly present to your mother as a thank you? Has yo mother ever received anything from you? You bought a car for your mother, didn’t you? Was your mother given a house by you? That was my doing.”

In response, the officer said, “Well done, bro.” I’m delighted you took the time to do this… In response to Polo’s clapback, “You’d like to accomplish that, but you’ll never be able to.”

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