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In a TikTok video, Angelina Jolie can be seen dancing at her daughter Zahara’s Spelman college send-off

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At Zahara’s college send-off party at Spelman College, Angelina Jolie attempted to do an electric slide dance technique.

Zahara Jolie-enrollment Pitt at Spelman College was recently revealed by Angelina Jolie, who also shared a heartwarming Instagram image to mark the occasion. A TikTok video of Angelina Jolie’s dance that Morehouse and Spelman College posted has gone viral with the announcement that Zahara will shortly begin college.

The Eternals actress was spotted with her daughter at the SpelHouse SendOff ceremony hosted in Los Angeles, where families of the children who would be going to college shortly were invited to a special celebration organized by the alumni for the freshman. The Morehouse College Instagram account posted a video of Jolie enjoying fun and said, “We like seeing it! At the Los Angeles send-off for new freshmen students, Angelina Jolie and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, a Spelmanite, dance with Morehouse and Spelman graduates.”

A day after the actress sent a message wishing her daughter luck as she approaches the start of college, a cute video of Angelina attempting an electric slide was shared by the actress herself. In an Instagram post, Jolie referred to having a family member at Spelman as an “honor.”

Jolie, who also has children with ex-husband Brad Pitt, including Vivienne and Knox, 14, Shiloh, 16, Pax, 18, and Maddox, 20, is renowned for spending time with her children. She has been photographed taking them out to dinner and shopping outings. Pitt’s connection with his children was recently discussed by a source close to him, who insisted that the actor gets along well with them and frequently has dinners with the younger ones.

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In a social media post, actress Angelina Jolie wished her daughter Zahara well. Zahara, 17, has been admitted to Atlanta, Georgia’s esteemed Spelman College. Jolie shared a photo of Zahara with her freshmen classmates. The child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, an actor, is named Zahara. In the photo, Zahara can be seen smiling while posing for the camera with her friends as they get ready to embark on a new adventure.

Zahara with her Spelman sisters! is how Jolie captioned the happy photo of the freshmen. Thank you to everyone who is a new student this year. a very special location and a privilege to have a relative join the Spelman girls.

Charles Barkley will give Spelman College $1 million

Charles Barkley‘s generosity may someday be praised just as highly—if not even more—than his tremendous sports accomplishments and blunt media voice. The NBA Hall of Famer and former Auburn star announced on Thursday that he will give $1 million to Atlanta’s Spelman College. This will be his sixth big gift to a historically Black college or university.

Barkley made his decision to attend Spelman after observing the positive effects the esteemed school has had on the daughter of his friend and business colleague John Hudson. This year, Jordyn Hudson, who will be a sophomore, will hold the office of class president. She debuted her documentary “Shape the Culture: Then & Now” this summer. It links today’s youth activists with those who took part in civil rights marches as children in the 1960s.

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From Lake Tahoe, where he is taking part in a celebrity golf tournament, Barkley said, “John has been a tremendous mentor, a great friend, and a great business partner.” Because his daughter was excelling at Spelman and I was prepared to work with another HBCU, I asked him, “Why not there?”

John Hudson stated that although “people are aware of Charles via TNT and his NBA stardom, I don’t think many are aware of how focused he is on philanthropy and entrepreneurism.” He is aware of Jordyn’s dedication to Spelman and how it has affected her perspective.

In 2016, Barkley made a $1 million donation to Clark Atlanta University and Alabama A&M in Huntsville, respectively. He donated $1 million to Atlanta’s Morehouse College in 2017. He promised to donate $1 million each to Tuskegee University and Miles College in Birmingham in 2020.

The 1981 Leeds High School graduate gave each Leeds City Schools staff a $1,000 gift over the past summer. Additionally, he made arrangements for students to get 200 computers and a year of free Internet access.

What can you say about someone who has done so much and is so generous and charitable with their resources? Hudson added John. He has a soft spot in his heart for Black women, and I’ve seen him invest in businesses run by Black women. This is another example of Charles funding a cause near and dear to his heart.

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