Iman Vellani News: Ms. Marvel Star Iman Vellani Debates Fan Theories on Burner Reddit Accounts

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Ms. Marvel’s Kamala Khan, Iman Vellani, admitted on the Late Night Show With Seth Meyers that she has many fictitious profiles on Reddit that she uses to debate fans about Marvel fan theories. Vellani added that she enjoyed debating with fans utilizing her knowledge and that after keeping the project a secret for two years, “she could breathe.”

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Iman’s Reddit Burner Accounts To Debate…

Now that Iman Vellani has acknowledged to creating fictitious Reddit profiles to communicate with fans online, if you use Reddit, be cautious about who you talk to there. The Ms. Marvel star may be any of them.

Seth learned that Vellani has many secret accounts and has utilized them to engage with admirers online. I don’t use social media for a living, but I do have a ton of private profiles, mainly on Reddit, she added. I just like debating theories with folks. You have no idea what’s coming, man, I say. Like you’re so mistaken. It’s really empowering.

In contrast to Tom Holland, another MCU actor, Vellani has demonstrated a talent for remaining silent about Marvel spoilers and has acknowledged that she feels “proud” to do so. “As Marvel fans, we really want to know everything about everything,” Vellani remarked.

Subreddits specifically for spoilers exist. Even though I’m a part of it all, I now know things that most people don’t. I’m sure you’re aware of some details about our program that viewers are speculating about, and I know it’s accurate. It’s got power,” she added.

Iman Vellani acknowledged that Kamala Khan’s mutant-derived abilities were one of the biggest spoilers she had to keep under wraps. Vellani had to control her excitement while filming this reveal, which included a quick musical sting from the theme to X-Men: The Animated Series.

It took a pretty long time to record that sequence because Vellani would start laughing every time Matt Lintz used the word “mutation,” she remarked. After viewing the video, fans on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit started to be wary of everyone, especially the alt accounts.

Some even quipped that Vellani might be the “Kang” of the Marvel subreddits, implying the existence of a “Imanverse.” Others started looking for these burner accounts, and some moderators admitted that they might have unintentionally banned some of them.

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An avid Marvel fan…

Iman Vellani admitted to Seth Meyers that she read Marvel comics as a child. The Ms. Marvel star introduced herself by saying that Sana Khan, the show’s producer, appeared on Seth Meyers’ program in 2016. After reading the “Ms. Marvel” comic for the first time, she recalled, “It was the first thing I had watched.” And I was really enamored with her. How, I wondered, did she manage to work for Marvel Comics while being both a woman and a person of color?

Iman added that she was jealous at the age of 15 and that she was now, six years later, talking about Ms. Marvel. Iman is the first Muslim actress to play a Marvel superhero, according to Seth. Iman’s response, when asked about her deep love for Marvel comics, was that she used to buy them with her allowance. Here she is, then! Who would have thought a girl who read every Marvel comic would become a Marvel superhero.


As Vellani’s companions observed what transpired, the actress recalled her final day of high school when Marvel producer/casting director Sarah Finn requested a video call from her. After accepting the part, Vellani hinted to her friends that she had “basically…(won) the jackpot.” She said to Seth:

“I received a text from Sarah Finn asking me to join a call on the final day of high school when we were out having fun. And I exclaimed, “Oh, no!” They then said, “Oh, we sent you the link; get on immediately.” And I said, “Ok.” And Kevin Feige is on my phone, so I’m trying not to react when I’m in my friend’s driveway and they are watching me from their car. When I got back in the car, my head was spinning, and they asked, “So what happened? Are you a lotto winner or something? I was like ‘Basically!’”

She also disclosed that she loved art and was a big Marvel fan. It’s funny, Seth remarked to Iman. I created a brief stop-motion animation with my Iron-Man and Kamala action figures during one of our quarantines. And I forwarded it without any context to Kevin Feige and our producers. My action figurines were literally dancing or something. They loved that a lot after that.

She disclosed that they even decided to switch the episode one opening animation from a standard animation to a stop motion one. Seth disclosed that Kevin Feige is the MCU’s mastermind and is in charge of everything. Iman admitted that she was apprehensive when she first met him, but they got along great.

If a Reddit user chats online with the MCU’s own Ms. Marvel, it will likely never be revealed to fans how Vellani is connecting with the MCU. Iman, however, has a promising future because she is devoted to her fans while working for Marvel Studios.

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