Iggy Azalea's Gift to Tory Lanez Fuels Dating Rumors-Why Here's


Iggy Azalea’s Gift to Tory Lanez Fuels Dating Rumors-Why Here’s


Iggy Azalea and Tory Lanez‘s dating rumors have been around for quite some time.

Lanez’s new album “Sorry 4 What” was released on September 30, causing quite a stir among fans and other audiences.

Among the rapper’s supporters is fellow artist Azalea, who brought him a hyper-realistic cake resembling a bottle of Merlot and grapes.

The cake was uploaded on Instagram by the “Luv” artist, who thanked and tagged Azalea. “Thank you, baby daughter,” he captioned the video, “it’s a celebration, b***hes!” The album [Sorry 4 What] is now available.”


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The “Fancy” rapper responded under the post, “much earned!” fueling the relationship speculations even more.

The romance suspicions began after the two were photographed eating dinner together in Miami, according to sources. A photograph of them drinking together was circulating on Twitter in June.

The musicians are shown seated next to one other, with Azalea’s hand resting on Lanez’s knee.

Lanez fueled the speculations in July when he praised Azalea’s cooking. The Shade Room, according to claims, published an Instagram story Azalea created of her cooking.

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The Grammy-nominated rapper added under the post, “it was hitting too,” which piqued fans’ interest even more.


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“Y.D.S / iggy DelDia,” a song that appeared to be dedicated to Azalea, was featured on Lanez’s “Sorry 4 What” album.

The “Black Widow” artist, on the other hand, was having none of it as she addressed the related claims.

“The strangest thing about the internet is that you don’t give a f**k about anyone’s opinion yet want me to let yours determine my life?!” She tweeted about it. “I couldn’t care less about you.”

Another time, she was questioned about rumors and suspicions that she was ignoring her kid.

“Who I spend my private time with, whether professionally, sexually, or platonically, isn’t something I need to give the internet updates on,” she told Tasha K. “My personal life is not your concern. Stop asking questions.”

Playboy Carti and the Australian native have a son together. According to rumors, they began dating in late 2018 and dissolved their relationship in late 2020.

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Even without the relationship allegations, Lanez is a rather contentious character owing to his ongoing shooting lawsuit against fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion. According to rumors, his newly released record reached number one on Apple Music and was cheered on by NBA player LeBron James.

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