House of the Dragon Episode 4: Release Date, Teaser and More

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On Sunday, a further enthralling episode of House of the Dragon was broadcast, which was met with praise from critics and adoration from viewers. The intensity of the drama increased as dramatic war scenes, strained relationships, and the question of who would succeed to the iron throne all played a part.

The show, which fills the role of a prequel to Game of Thrones, has been able to carve out a space for itself, and fans look forward to its brand new episodes each week with great anticipation. And once again this week, the audience is looking forward to the impending fourth episode of the season with great excitement.

You won’t have to struggle as much to get through the week because HBO has provided a sneak peek at the upcoming episode for you to watch. Keep reading to learn when the fourth episode of the first season of House of the Dragon will be broadcast.

When will House of the Dragon Episode 4 be Available to Watch Online?

On Sundays, both HBO and HBO Max will broadcast brand new episodes of the series. On the following Sunday, September 11, at nine o’clock et, the debut of the fourth episode will take place.

This time corresponds to six o’clock in the evening Pacific Standard Time, eight o’clock in the evening Central Standard Time, nine o’clock in the evening Eastern Standard Time, two o’clock in the morning British Standard Time (Monday), three o’clock in the morning Central Eastern Standard Time (Monday), and six thirty in the morning Indian Standard Time (Monday).

The episode is titled “King of the Narrow Sea,” indicating that it will center on Prince Daemon’s ascension to the throne as King of the Narrow Sea. This event is shown in the sneak peek for the episode that was released by the network.

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Preview of the Fourth Episode of House of the Dragon

Following his victory over the Crabfeeder and coronation as King of the Narrow Sea, Prince Daemon Targaryen is seen in the teaser traveling back to King’s Landing. The contention between Princess Rhaenyra, Prince Daemon, and the King’s firstborn son, Prince Aegon II, who is only three years old, is going to increase as a result of the fact that there are now three candidates for the position of heir apparent to the iron throne.

In the meantime, politics will also take center stage as Otto Hightower, who is on a mission to convince King Viserys to take Aegon as his heir, will supposedly start some rumors with Rheanyrs as a suspect. Rheanyrs will be a target because Otto Hightower is trying to convince King Viserys to take Aegon as his heir. As Daemon is seen skulking around in a dark cloak, it is clear that he is also attempting to climb further up the ladder.

The teaser comes to a close with a graphic depiction of a dragon whizzing by a ship that is transporting Rhaenyra to a new location. The fact that the Prince who was promised was alluded to in the teaser is still another thing that makes it stand out. A narrative that played a significant role in the overall plot of Game of Thrones.

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The Reaction of the Fans to the Teaser

After witnessing the sneak peek, fans are so excited that they can hardly contain themselves; they now have even more motivation to hold out until Sundays. The following comment was made by a fan on the teaser: “This shows actually a banger so far, I know the events are moving swiftly, but it’s because we’re only following maybe a couple perspectives compared to the various perspectives in GOT.” I really enjoy what I’ve seen of this show so far, and I really hope it has success.

Another user commented positively on the performance of the actor who plays King Viserys, saying, “Can we all appreciate how wonderful Paddy’s (Viserys) acting is?” He keeps getting better from episode to episode. Even in this trailer, when he mentions Eyes, he’s talking about. Impeccable performance.”

Although it seems that the majority of supporters are still on Team Prince Daemon, as seen by comments such as “Matt Smith as Daemon simply makes him so darn appealing that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to not cheer for him,” there are some fans who are on Team Princess Daemon.

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