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His Dark Materials Dafne Keen Played a “Intricate, Complicated” Female Character

Jeremy Caroll

On Thursday, the cast and crew of BBC and HBO’s hit fantasy drama His Dark Materials took over the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Stars Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson, as well as fellow cast member Simone Kirby, writer Jack Thorne, director Amit Gupta, and executive producer and founder of production firm Bad Wolf, will take part in a special session titled “His Dark Materials – Pushing Boundaries in New Worlds.” Jane Tranter discussed her involvement in the adaptation of Philip Pullman’s novels.

They also shared exclusive clips from the trilogy’s upcoming third and final installment, which were well received by audience members who were asked not to reveal any details.

The plot of the show revolves around an orphan named Lyra who is looking for a friend who has gone missing and uncovering a scheme that is connected to an invisible cosmic substance known as Dust.

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Keen, who plays the role of Lyra Belacqua or Lyra Silvertongue, stated that it was “so interesting to investigate intricate, complicated female characters” because they are “usually deemed to be unlikeable.” Keen is one of the stars of the show. She explained that she found it interesting to play Lyra “because we don’t get characters like her very often.”

Wilson, who plays the lead role of Will Parry, was questioned about the evolution of his character at the beginning of the third season. “Will has matured” and “is more self-aware and knows who he is more than before,” he said. “Will has become more confident in who he is.”

During the course of the panel, Thorne praised the cast of the show as a whole. In particular, he was referring to this show when he stated, “People say stuff, but the truth of a scene is in the faces.” “Authorship is always attributed to the writer, but authorship is shared across the board among everyone involved in the production.” When a show reaches its third season, the actors are given complete creative control over the content of the show for the first time. And they are such wonderful examples of the acting profession.

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