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Hart to Heart Season 2: Everything We Know So Far!

Jeremy Caroll

Kevin Hart is well-known in Hollywood for his work as a comedian and, to some, as a movie star, but he should also be known for his skill as an interviewer.

Hart to Heart returned for a second season after a successful debut that featured interviews with a diverse group of A-listers, including Bryan Cranston, John Travolta, Ice Cube, and Cameron Diaz, among others.

Chris Rock and Pete Davidson, along with musicians Jay-Z and Saweetie, will open up to Hart about their personal lives in an interview. Even though this is just the beginning, we can already think of a few questions we’d like him to ask.

A teaser for Hart to Heart’s second season

The Hart to Heart season 2 trailer suggests that Peacock is in for some lively discussions.

Watching season 2 of Hart to Heart is easy

In Hart to Heart, an original series from Peacock, the characters’ innermost feelings are explored. Subscribe to Peacock Premium first if you’d like to see the episodes. Ad-free and cheaper ad-supported subscriptions are both available right now on the site.

Those who live in the United Kingdom should be able to watch season 2 of Hart to Heart on Sky TV or NOW TV. Peacock content is now available in both ways.

The idea for Hart to Heart Season 2

Hart to Heart’s second season is described in the following terms by Peacock:

“Hart to Heart returns for a second season with a new lineup of high-profile guests, including artists and actors who have made names for themselves in their own fields. Interviews are held in Hart’s wine cellar for one hour, and guests are invited to join in on the conversation with no preconceived notions or agendas in mind.” Kevin Hart also had this to say about the second season:

Hart to Heart Season 2 (1)

“I couldn’t wait to go back in the chair for the second season of Hart to Heart, where I’d get to interview some of the greatest in the profession. Having a glass of wine in hand encourages people to be open and honest, which leads to some of the most honest and hilarious talks you’ll ever have.”

The release date for season two of Hart to Heart

Kevin Hart’s talk show returns to Peacock on July 14, 2022, for its second season. Keep in mind, though, that you must meet a deadline. Kevin is back with his wine cellar and his charming personality to keep us entertained. On August 5, 2021, Peacock aired the first twelve episodes of the show’s first season.

A similar combination of comedy and dramas will be included in the forthcoming episodes, as we learned from the first season, making the show even more entertaining.

He will host Hart to Heart in his wine cellar, which is where the show will take place. He’ll be talking to the people who are going to be there. It is expected that all themes will be covered in their completeness, as well. They feel at home at Hart because of the open door policy. A similar chance is provided to the audience, who are encouraged to look behind the glitz and shine.

Hart to Heart Season 2

One-on-one conversations with a diverse range of celebrities provide Hart the opportunity to get to know them on a more intimate level. In a conversation, you can talk about anything from work to family and love.

The first season of Hart to Heart will be out soon, so we’ll see what Kevin has to say about it then.

A fantastic first season of HART TO HEART has me itching to sit down again and have more honest and funny chats with some of the best comedians working today. With a glass of wine in hand, people open up and share their thoughts in a way you won’t find anywhere else. “

Hart to Heart Season 2 will include who?

Season one premiered on August 5, 2021, with Kevin interviewing some familiar faces like Bryan Cranston, Cameron Diaz, Taraji P. Henson, and Ice Cube, as well as John Travolta and Don Cheadle and Miley Cyrus and Nick Cannon and Kelly Clarkson, and Jimmy Kimmel and Martin Riese.

Season 2 of Hart to Heart will have a special guest appearance by Kevin Hart. In addition to Chris Rock, the latest season features Jay-Z, Saweetie, Simu Liu, Mike Tyson, Tyler Perry, and Pete Davidson, among others.

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