Grant Gustin of The Flash Putting in a Lot of Work at the Gym for the Ninth Season

Jeremy Caroll

Grant Gustin, who is best known for his role as Barry Allen in the CW series “The Flash,” has been putting in a lot of work to get in top shape for the upcoming ninth season of “The Flash,” which will be the last season in the Arrowverse franchise. You can witness for yourself how Grant, who is 32 years old, is getting into the greatest possible shape to play Barry Allen thanks to a video that was posted on Instagram by the actor’s personal trainer, Ben Bruno.

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That Grant Guy Has Some Serious Dedication…

Trainer Ben Bruno of “The Flash” star Grant Gustin couldn’t be more pleased with the 32-year-old actor’s dedication to his workout routine in preparation for the show’s penultimate season. “The Flash” will air its final season in 2018. Recently, Ben uploaded a video to Instagram showing Grant working out, and he described it as follows: “@grantgust has been working very hard to prepare for the forthcoming season of The Flash. The level of skill displayed here is just astounding. Let’s goooo!”

In the video, he can be seen performing some intense leg and arm exercises while also lifting a lot of weights in order to get into the shape of Barry Allen. Fans are relieved that it is Grant and not Ezra Miller who is involved in a number of legal challenges because of his destructive behavior, and they are delighted about this development. Following the release of this video, supporters of Grant’s rigorous regimen went completely insane and flooded the comment section with their acclaim.

At the same time that Ben uploaded the video, Grant Gustin commented, “The hair flips .” One of the audience members shared their excitement by writing, “Can’t wait for an epic finale to a wonderful concert!” Another supporter made fun of Ezra by writing, “Please replace Ezra Miller since you are THE FLASH!” in the comments section. One devoted buddy brought up the point, saying, “I smell it Season 9 Barry will eat.”

In addition to this video, Grant also uploaded a picture of himself with a “hiatus look,” which he described as a “image of a man sad about shaving and chopping his hair in a few days.” So, we are all aware of what this signifies. We won’t have to wait too much longer before he adopts the iconic Barry Allen style. In the comment area, one viewer suggested that Barry should be more like the mature adult he should be throughout this season.

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Is Grant Going to Take the Place of Ezra?

Fans have speculated that Grant Gustin, who appears to be a credible candidate for the role of the DC Comics character, could succeed Ezra Miller in the role of The Flash on the CW series “The Flash,” which is ending its run with the ninth and final season, which was scheduled to premiere in September but was pushed back. It should come as no surprise that Ezra’s disruptive behavior and string of legal problems over the past few months are a big factor behind these rumors and speculations.

But once again, on-screen, Ezra is an excellent choice for the part because, as we can all agree, he won our hearts with his performance as a non-binary and queer actor, which reflected DC’s efforts to be more welcoming of people of all identities. Grant Gustin is still an excellent pick for Warner Bros. despite the fact that Ezra may have finally apologized for all of the damage he caused and promised to seek therapy for his condition.

Since 2014, this individual has been a part of “The Flash” series, during which time he has helped the show reach previously unreachable heights. As for the “The Flash” series, even while the impending conclusion of the second longest-running program might make us feel downhearted, Grant Gustin still has a lot to offer for his final performance, and the show has a lot of reasons to be celebrated in terms of its history. What are your thoughts?

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