Gisele Bündchen Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Brazilian Fashin Has?

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As of the year 2022, it is believed that Gisele Caroline Bündchen has a net worth of over $400 million. She is a Brazilian fashion model and is one of the world’s highest-paid models. She is the wife of Tom Brady, who plays American football for the New England Patriots.

Due to the fact that it was discovered by media sources that she is dissatisfied with her husband’s choice to come out of retirement during the offseason of the 2022 NFL season, she is currently under the spotlight of the media. Because of the rising level of tension between them, she decided to take a flight from Florida to Costa Rica in order to stay out of any additional conflict or quarrel.

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Early Years of My Life and My Career

However, in 1993, Bündchen’s mother enrolled all of her children, including Bündchen and her brothers, in a modeling course in order to instill self-assurance and correct posture in her children. Bündchen’s goal was to become a world-class volleyball player.

After they had finished the school, they were awarded with a vacation to Curitiba, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. This trip had a significant impact on her modeling career because it was during this trip in 1993 that Elite Model Management found her in a shopping mall.

In 1995, in order to launch her professional career as a model, Bündchen uprooted her life and moved to Sao Paulo. At New York Fashion Week in the year 1996, she made her debut for the first time.

Earnings That Come From Various Deals and Endorsements

Between the years 1999 and 2006, Bündchen was a member of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. She is credited with inventing and popularizing the horse walk, which is a stomping action done by a model by elevating her knees high and kicking her feet to stride. She is known for this accomplishment.

Endorsing the products of multi-national corporations brings in a significant amount of revenue for the Brazilian supermodel. She was able to take in over half a billion dollars only through sponsorships, which is an incredible achievement.

She agreed to collaborate with Chanel and Carolina Herrera to advertise their own lines of cosmetics and fragrances. In the year 2000, it was reported that the value of her contract with Victoria’s Secret was around $25 million.

She featured on the cover of more than 1200 top magazines throughout her career. In addition to that, she worked for the United Nations Environment Program as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Forbes magazine ranked Bündchen as the sixty-first most powerful woman in the world in the year 2011. She was ranked number three on the list of “The 20 Youngest Power Women” despite being 31 years old. Forbes magazine named Brady and Bündchen the highest-paid celebrity couple in the world in 2011. This honor was bestowed upon them in 2011.

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She was the recipient of numerous important honors, including the Phytoervas Fashion Award for Model of the Year, the Vh1/Vogue Fashion Awards for Model of the Year, and the Harvard Medical School Award (Global Citizen)

Green Carpet Fashion Award in addition to the International Green Awards for “Best Green International Celebrity” (Eco Laureate).

During her career that spanned more than two decades, she was also considered for nominations by the Premios Juventud and Teen Choice Awards.

Collection of automobiles

Her garage houses an impressive assortment of luxury automobiles. Following is a portion of the list:

Audi S8

Audi A8

Rolls-Royce Ghost automobile


Lexus RX400H

Real Estate

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gisele and her husband Tom made a nine million dollar purchase of an undeveloped parcel of land in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles city in the year 2009. They invest an additional staggering $20 million to construct a mansion that is 14,000 square feet in size.

In 2018, the famous couple spent $25.5 million on the purchase of a condo located on the 12th level of a skyscraper in New York City.

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