Gina Rodriguez and Her Husband Joe Locicero Are Expecting Their First Child Together

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Gina Rodriguez is expecting a child. Congratulations are in order! The actress, who is 38 years old, just revealed that she and her husband, Joe LoCicero, are expecting their first child together. In 2019, the actor who is most known for his role as the protagonist in the television series Jane the Virgin wed LoCicero.

On Saturday, the actress celebrated her 38th birthday and also shared the news that she is expecting a baby on the same day. Continue reading to find out more information regarding the celebrity’s pregnancy.

Rodriguez made the happy announcement on her Instagram account.

On Saturday, the actress posted a video to Instagram that highlighted some of the public displays of affection that she and her spouse share. A picture that revealed a successful pregnancy test was also included in the video. The message that she added to the image said, “This birthday hits different.”


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In their remarks, Gina’s friends and co-stars shared their joy over the news that she had been cast in the role. The actor who played her father on the show Jane the Virgin, Jaime Camil, sent a message saying, “My heart is bursting for you two.” Gina’s Someone Brittany Snow, who plays a great supporting role, said, “Yaaaaaay my love!! So much love and appreciation for you THREE!

Charlie Bushnell wrote, “CONGRATULATIONS!!! “Hbd Gina and congrats on growing the brood!!,” wrote Slick Naim, while “so happy for you both ” was written by so happy for you both.

Shamier Anderson, who is an actor, also left a remark on the post, writing, “So much love for you. Congratulations to both of you, Joe! whereas actor Chrissie Fit penned “Omg omg omg!!!! Congratulations, older sister, and best wishes for your birthday!!! I adore you, and I know you’re going to be the most incredible mother. Congratulations to Joe as well “

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Earlier, Gina had expressed her want to have a child ‘so badly’

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the year 2016, Gina had previously discussed her desire to start a family by having a child. The performer was discussing the psychological impact that working on the set of Jane the Virgin while she was pregnant was having on her.

In response to the talk-show host’s inquiry as to whether or not it made her long for a child of her own, she exclaimed, “So badly!” while bringing both of her hands to her chest.

“But I don’t want the entire process—I just want one of them to show up, like the chat about the stork.” I might be able to adopt, right? I could very well go ahead and do it. “I know for sure that I want to adopt,” she said. When asked about her time spent on the set of Jane the Virgin working with twins, she replied, “I feel like they bring the baby up to me and my ovaries are like ‘Ahh! “Come here, you sweetheart!'”

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Gina and Joe began their relationship

They first became acquainted with one another while working on the set of Jane the Virgin, in which Joe LoCicero had a guest starring role as a stripper. Soon after that, in 2016, the two began dating each other. After some time had passed, Gina showed off the diamond ring that had been rumored to be part of her engagement ring. During that time, she remarked, “I am” (engaged). He is the best there is. He is the f—ing best. Period. We’ve been engaged for almost a month now, but I didn’t want to let anyone know about it for a bit.

“I don’t really really want to admit it’s occurring, because I don’t want to scare you. I simply want to continue living! The fact that other people are concerned is, in my view, a tremendous blessing.

That’s a lovely thing, and it makes a person feel wonderful to think about it. She went on to say, “But there’s also a part of me that wants to hold on to a little something that’s just mine because there aren’t too many things in my life that are like that anymore.”

The wedding took place on May 4th, 2019, for the pair. In addition to his work as an actor, LoCicero competes in mixed martial arts.

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