George Foreman, Being Sued for Sexual Assault for Allegedly Abusing Two Young Women When He Was in His 20s

Jeremy Caroll

George Foreman, a former professional boxer in the United States who went by the ring name “Big George” throughout his career, has a lot of reasons to feel like a small person right now. The businessman, who is now 73 years old, is being sued by two distinct women, each of whom alleges that he engaged in sexual misconduct with them when he was in his 20s and they were still children.

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Seeking Damages of an Uncertain Nature…

Two women have come forward to say that George Foreman sexually molested them when they were underage in the 1970s. The incidents allegedly took place during that decade. In the court records that were submitted in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 24), the plaintiffs, who go by the names Denise S. and Gwen H., state that they initially encountered Foreman in the late 1960s or the early 1970s through their dads. Foreman was married at the time.

In the case, one of the women claims that she first became acquainted with the defendant through his father, who was once his trainer during his days as a boxer. She was probably around eight years old at the time. She disclosed that the first thing that George did to “groom” her was to “take her out for ice cream.”

She claimed in the lawsuit that when she was 13 years old, he forced her to sit on his lap as he drove his car, and that they eventually participated in inappropriate sexual behavior. She stated that he did this while she was on his lap. Having said that, they did engage in sexual activity while she was only 15 years old. During that time period, George Foreman was in his 20s.

However, the other woman said that she had a similar encounter with the boxer through her father, who was described as the boxer’s “long-time advisor.” She claimed in the lawsuit that she was nine years old when they first met, and that after that, he “molested and sexually abused” her until she was 16 years old. Both parties have validated the fact that George has not “denied such charges.”

Both of the ladies have indicated that Foreman was previously confronted by his friend in reference to these charges. They say that this confrontation had place in the past. George never, not even once, made an attempt to refute the claims that were made against him. At this time, the two victims are looking for unspecified compensation for their losses. Just so you know, the current suits refer to George Foreman as “Doe 1.”

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George Foreman’s Defense…

According to the statement that George Foreman, who is a former two-time world heavyweight champion, has published, he has vowed to expose the women in court. He claimed that they are attempting to blackmail him into paying millions of dollars in ransom. With his statement, George wrote:

“Over the course of the last half year, there have been two women who have been attempting to extort millions of dollars each from my family and me. They are making a bogus accusation that I sexually molested them in the 1970s, which is more than 45 years ago. The court date has not been made public just yet, but only time will tell what actually occurred over that time period.

George has strongly and unequivocally refuted these charges in his statement, which can be seen here. He claimed that he is as as proud of his reputation as he is of the things he has accomplished in sports, and that pride is equal. He made it clear that he will not allow himself to be bullied or intimidated in any way, shape, or form. Despite the fact that the accounts of the two women correspond, and despite the fact that they have come forward after a period of more than 45 years, this does raise some suspicions, but once more, who knows?

In conclusion, he said, “My faith and confidence in God have always led me, and they will continue to do so in the future.” I will collaborate with my legal team to reveal my accusers’ scams in an open and honest manner before presenting my defense in court. I don’t go looking for trouble, but I also don’t shy away from it when it finds me.”

A two-time heavyweight champion and winner of an Olympic gold medal, George Foreman is most known for inventing the George Foreman Grill, a portable, electrically heated grill that can accommodate two servings at once. It is also known as The George Foreman Lean Mean-Fat Grilling Machine. Since the first model was released in 1994, Foreman has been successful as an entrepreneur, selling more than 100 million devices.

He has been married to Mary Joan Martelly since 1985, but prior to that, he was married four times. Mary Joan Martelly is his fourth wife. Regarding the allegations, Foreman has not provided a response to requests for remarks that have been made. Continue reading to learn more recent developments regarding this issue.

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