Fans leave a Wiz Khalifa show in Indianapolis after hearing that shots were fired.


Fans leave a Wiz Khalifa show in Indianapolis after hearing that shots were fired.


REPORTS OF At a Wiz Khalifa and Logic concert in the suburbs of Indianapolis on Friday, a mass shooting sent the crowd into a panic. People left the venue by climbing over fences and scrambling over seats.

About 10:30 p.m. local time, the thing happened at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana. Khalifa and Logic were on stage as part of the Vinyl Verse Summer tour, which Khalifa and Logic are co-headlining and will end on September 2 in St. Louis.

The Indianapolis Star says that a Noblesville Police spokesman couldn’t say anything about what happened, and it’s still not clear if the reports of gunfire during the event were made up or not. But a video posted to Twitter shows that fans who were sitting on the lawn of the outdoor venue left the scene, some running and others looking confused by the chaos, while Khalifa was performing and then stopped suddenly.

The person who is filming the scene says that people in the audience did not go through metal detectors before the show. Off screen, the man’s friend says, “I didn’t hear a gun go off.” Rory Appleton, a reporter for the Indianapolis Star who was there, also said in a tweet that he didn’t hear any gunshots.

Rolling Stone has asked Khalifa and Live Nation, which runs the venue, for comments, but neither has responded.

This seems to be the third time this summer that a false report of shooting has caused a panic at a music event. In May, false reports of a “security incident” at the Lovers and Friends music festival in Las Vegas caused hundreds of people to run out of the venue, hurting three people.

In August, an 18-year-old security guard at Chicago’s Lollapalooza made up a mass shooting alert to get out of work early. The woman, Janya B. Williams, was taken into custody and is being charged with a felony for making a false claim of terrorism.

Other Information

Around 10:30 p.m. Friday, people began leaving the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, where Wiz Khalifa was performing.

Some of them screamed that there might have been a shooting, but a Noblesville Police spokesman told IndyStar that he didn’t know what happened.

From the part of the crowd near the front and left side of the stage, no shots were heard or seen. Most people left through the main entrance, but some had to climb over wire fences or open gates to get out.

As soon as the music stopped, Khalifa and his band left the stage.

Some people in the audience were on their cell phones in the parking lot for Ruoff’s employees. Others wept and comforted each other. Some people ran into the fields next to the place of the event.

In the back parking lots, there were police cars and an ambulance.

Khalifa had been on stage for about 45 minutes. He was on the Vinyl Verse tour with another rapper, Logic. The night ended with his set. Fedd the God and 24kGoldn were two of the first acts of the night.

This story is still being written and will be changed.

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