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Fall Guys Season 2: What Will Be the Release Date?

Jeremy Caroll

Fall Guys’ second season will soon start, bringing gamers new stages, outfits, and quality-of-life improvements that fans will appreciate.

The new Fall Guys season, which was revealed during a special PlayStation presentation in August, will finally enable gamers to unlock additional rewards and compete in various levels against friends and strangers online. Read on for all the details of Fall Guys Season 2 before you attempt to collect the most crowns.

Date of Release for Fall Guys Season 2

Mediatonic is updating Fall Guys with fresh levels with a medieval theme as part of the new season.

Fall Guys Season 2 (2)

Of course, there are new clothes to get as well, all of which are associated with season 2’s theme. All that exists. Season 2 of The Fall Guys debuts in October.

Time of Fall Guys Season 2 Debut

Season 2 of Fall Guys will premiere on Thursday, October 8, according to Mediatonic, but the precise start date has not yet been announced.

Fall Guys Season 2 (1)

As of this writing, the Fall Guys official Twitter account has only provided the October 8 start date for Season 2 and the date that Season 1 ends. The midseason update, in particular, went up at roughly 9 a.m. EDT, according to previous updates, which we can see by going back and reviewing them.

For the time being, players can anticipate Fall Guys Season 2 to launch on PS4 and PC on Thursday, October 8 at roughly 9 a.m. EDT. If an accurate time is provided or if the official Fall Guys account corrects us, we’ll update this piece. Get in and earn the season 1 content you can between October 5 and 8 when players can earn fame points at twice the rate.

Contents of Fall Guys Season 2

The stages and new outfits will have a fantastical vibe as Medieval-themed Season 2 has been revealed by Mediatonic. Earn outfits that transform your bean into an ogre, princess, jester, and many other characters. What to anticipate was teased on Wednesday by the official Fall Guys Twitter account, as shown in the image below.

Four stages with medieval themes will be added to the Fall Guy’s rotation of performances. Only one stage has been officially announced, and IGN has had first access to the next Knight Fever level.

Additionally, Mediatonic affirmed that a new method of in-game identification will be available. Players can add a banner with customized logos and a nickname to their online name using the customization tool.

In case you’re having difficulties matching your various parts, the company also revealed that users would be able to randomize their costumes in the customization function.

Additionally, the stages will now include Thicc Bonkus, a brand-new rolling-pin obstacle with spikes. Deliberately avoid it throughout the upcoming season.


When will the second season of Fall Guys be released?

Season 2 of The Fall Guys debuts in October.

 What are the new Fall GuysSeason 2 Medieval Styles all about?

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys Season 2 Ultimate Knockout, a vibrant battle royale platformer, will feature new games with medieval themes. The company revealed the news during today’s Gamescom festivities: gamers will be able to compete in games with medieval-inspired visuals.

What is the second season of Fall Guys’ theme?

picture for season 2 of Fall Guys Knight Fever, Wall Guys, Hoopsie Legends, and Egg Siege are the four new Rounds that were added to CAST PLOT Season 2 and made available for use in Shows. These rounds’ theme is medieval, just like the current season, which includes hazards like swinging axes and castle-themed courses.

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