Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2: Is it Happening or Cancelled?

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The young attorney with autism is the subject of the South Korean television show Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Her exceptional memory aids her in recalling information that help her win cases. Kang Tae-oh co-stars with Park Eun-bin as Woo Young Woo’s romantic rival in the movie’s title role.

The series dismantles barriers by claiming that autistic persons face obstacles in their pursuit of “normal” activities. Extraordinary Attorney Woo began airing on ENA (also available on Netflix) in July 2022. Viewers have been curious as to when or even if the second season would debut following the first season’s success. See if we can catch Attorney Woo dispelling the stigma associated with autism in a future season!

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Release date for the extraordinary second season of Attorney Woo

Throughout the first season, the show experienced astronomical growth in popularity. It shouldn’t be a surprise that people want to see more of it because of this! One of the highest-rated cable TV dramas in South Korea, the season finale received a national rating of 17.534%, and the show is currently ranked seventh there. In addition to all of this, it is the eighth-most-watched non-English series on Netflix ever!

But given that you must have watched the entire first season multiple times or are about to do so, I’m confident you already know or sense that the program is fantastic. If you’re wondering whether there will be a second season, we’re happy to confirm that Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be back. The aim is to screen season 2 in 2024, according to the CEO of ASTORY (a South Korean media firm). We’ll let you know as soon as we learn anything new!

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How many episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo are there?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, your favorite TV show, has only had one season to date. There are a total of 16 episodes in this season, all of which may be watched online on Netflix. The length of each episode varies from 64 to 82 minutes. The second season’s anticipated number of episodes is unknown at this time.

Ending of Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Be aware! For those of you who didn’t watch the entire season, there will be spoilers ahead! So, as the program came to a close, we learned that Young Woo and Jun Ho had broken up, Min Woo had learned Su Yeon had confessed her affections to her, and, regrettably, Myung Seok had been given a stage 3 stomach cancer diagnosis.

Young Woo’s life is abruptly turned upside down when she is made to work for the infamously volatile Jang. Jang and Woo disagree while working on the hacking case involving the Roan Platform. Woo acts in an unprofessional manner toward Jang while attempting to assist in the investigation. Following that, Woo is constantly screamed at by Jang and is ultimately removed from the case while attempting to use a technicality to resolve everything.

Young Woo feels helpless since it seems like everyone and everything is against her. Her coworkers opt to go against their superiors and support their customer by quoting Woo. Although they are able to lessen the Roan Platform’s punishment, they still need to track out the hacker. It is discovered that Sang Hyeon, Woo’s stepbrother, is the hacker.

Woo soon receives a confession from Hyeon about what he did, but she is unable to use it. Later, Boston extends a job offer to Young Woo. Young Woo is left with just two choices, but she finds it difficult to grasp why she must change her life as a result of someone’s intention to expose her true identity. Young Woo soon makes an attempt to resolve everything and clearly succeeds. Thus, having prevented such a dreadful conclusion, we can all breathe deeply! With the great cast, here’s to season 2 and many more adventures!

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