End of the Road: Release Date, Plot Summary, and Cast of Netflix’s “End of the Road” Discussed Here

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End Of The Road is an upcoming suspenseful action movie that will soon be available on Netflix. The plot of the movie is around a family that travels across the United States by car. Their journey, on the other hand, takes an unforeseen detour when they come face to face with an unknown murderer.

A captivating trailer for the film starring Queen Latifah was released on Netflix a few days ago, and ever since then, fans have been waiting for the movie to become available in theaters. If you too enjoyed the teaser trailer, then the following information about End of the Road is just what you need to know.

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Date of Release for “End of the Road”

On Friday, September 9, the movie will be available to watch on Netflix. Due to the fact that the suspense thriller will not be released in theaters but rather go directly to Netflix, a subscription to the streaming service is required in order to view the movie. Mark Burg, Brad Kaplan, and Tracey E. Edmonds have all contributed to the production of the project.

Millicent Shelton, who will be making her directorial debut with End Of The Road, is one of the film’s producers. Christopher J. Moore and David Loughery are responsible for writing the screenplay for the movie, and Shakim Compere, Daniel J. Heffner, Ben Pugh, Queen Latifah, and Erica Steinberg are serving as executive producers.

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The Story of the End of the Road

The plot of the movie centres around Brenda, a recently widowed lady who, after being laid off from her job, makes the decision to take her family on a road trip in order to establish a new life. The trip was supposed to be a time for the family to unite, but things don’t go as planned when they witness a murder committed by an unknown killer when they are stopped for the night.

Brenda must now engage the assailant in combat in order to defend her family. The following is an excerpt from the movie’s official plot summary: “In this high-octane action thriller, a cross-country road journey becomes a highway to hell for Brenda (Queen Latifah), her two kids, and her brother Reggie (Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.”

“After becoming witnesses to a gruesome murder, the family finds themselves in the line of fire of an unknown assailant. According to the synopsis, “Now alone in the New Mexico desert and cut off from any aid, Brenda is dragged into a deadly fight to keep her family alive.” The plot summary also states that Brenda is cut off from any help.

Queen Latifah, a well-known figure in the hip-hop music and acting communities, will play the major role of Brenda in the upcoming film End of the Road. The actress, who was nominated for an Academy Award, is best known for her roles in the films Chicago and Girls Trip. Reggie, Brenda’s brother, will be played by Chris Bridges, who will star in the role. Max Payne, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, and Stargate: The Ark of Truth are some of Chris’s most notable works, and he has won the Golden Globe Award twice.

Jesse Luken, who is best known for his roles in the television shows Star-Crossed and Justified, has been cast in the film as Harvey Ruck. Shaun Dixon will play the role of Cam, Mychala Lee will play Kelly Freeman, Frances Lee McCain will play Val, Tabatha Shaun will play Shelby, and Keith Jardine will play Mace. Other cast members include Keith Jardine.

In addition to Phuong Kubacki and Travis Hammer, the film will also feature Micah McNeil, Amie MacKenzie, Efrain Villa, J. Nathan Simmons, Andrea Good, Jasper Keen, Rachel Michaela, Rob Estrada, Michael Lemert, John C. Pond, Ruben Barela, Tim Stafford, James Moontasri, James Blackburn, and Aaron Valentine.

Are you looking forward to seeing the movie when it makes its debut the following Friday? Tell us in the next part, shall we?

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