Do Revenge: The Cast, Release Date, and Plot of the Upcoming African-American Comedy Film

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Do Revenge is a forthcoming dark comedy film that will soon be available on Netflix, and the company just recently released the trailer for the film on its streaming platform. The narrative of the movie focuses on two young people’s efforts to fight back against the harassment they have received from their peers by banding together.

The psychological suspense film Strangers on a Train, which was released in 1951 and served as the inspiration for Hitchcock’s Do Revenge. Since the teaser trailer was released, fans have been waiting for the movie to come out with bated breath. When exactly does the movie make its debut? Continue reading to discover out.

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Date of the Release of Do Revenge

On Friday, September 16, the drama about a person seeking vengeance is slated to make its debut on Netflix. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who most recently directed the film Someone Great (also released in 2019) and co-wrote Thor: Love and Thunder, is in charge of directing the film Do Revenge.

Robinson and Celeste Ballard are both credited with writing the screenplay for the movie. Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron, and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson are the producers of the show Do Revenge. Joshua Bachove is the show’s executive producer.

In October of 2020, the concept was presented to the public for the very first time with the working title Strangers. The principal actors were introduced in November 2020, and the production was scheduled to start production in early 2021 and last through August 2021.

Do Revenge Plotline

The story of Drea and Eleanor, two high school students, serves as the inspiration for the movie. Drea, a popular girl at school, has her life turned upside down when a topless film she made, which she had intended only for her boyfriend Max to see, ends up being shared with the rest of the student body instead.

Eleanor, meantime, is a new student at this school where she runs across Carissa, an old bully of hers from her previous school. Carissa is said to have become an outcast as a direct result of the rumors that spread about Eleanor trying to kiss her when she was subdued and held down by Eleanor.

After that, Drea and Eleanor become friends and agree to stand up to the bullies that each other has been victimized by. According to the movie’s official plot summary, “After a secret meet-cute, Drea (Alpha, a former it girl), and Eleanor (beta, a new alt girl) band up to go after each other’s bullies.” Do Revenge is a dark comedy with a Hitchcockian twist that features some of the most terrifying characters ever seen in a movie: teenagers.

The film’s director, Robinson, was asked about the plot, and he responded by saying, “I think there are different periods where everyone’s the villain and everyone’s the hero in this story.” And that is a significant part of what maturing entails. To create something that “paints with all the colors of youth” was one of my goals.

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Who Plays the Leading Roles in Do Revenge?

Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica on Riverdale, has been chosen to play the role of Drea in the movie. Eleanor will be played by Maya Hawke, who previously portrayed the role of Robin Buckley in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The role of Max, Drea’s abusive lover, will be played by Austin Abrams, who is most known for his main role in the HBO series Euphoria.

Ava Capri will portray Carissa. Capri had a role in the previous film Love, Victor as Lucy. In addition, Sophie Turner will appear in the movie in a character that has not yet been revealed. There was a brief appearance of her in the trailer as well.

Rish Shah will play the role of Russ Lee, Eliza Bennett will play Jessica, Alisha Boe will play Tara, Talia Ryder will play Gabbi, Paris Berelc will play Meghan, Jonathan Daviss will play Elliot, and Maia Reficco will play Montana. Other cast members will include Rish Shah.

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