Discover Everything There Is to Know About Fran Tomas, Luke Evans’ New Companion

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it seems like Luke Evans is back in the dating game! A few days ago, the actor who played Beast in Beauty and the Beast was seen going out in public with his new girlfriend Fran Tomas. During their most recent excursion, these two were observed carrying a PDA between them.

Keep reading if you’re interested in finding out more information about Fran Thomas and his growing romance with the Hollywood actor Luke Evans.

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Everything you need to know about the most recent public appearance of Luke Evans and his new boyfriend, Fran Tomas

On Wednesday, the Nine Perfect Strangers actor and his new lover Fran Tomas were seen by the paparazzi while they were spending the day at a beach in Ibiza, Spain. The two of them appeared to be having a great time. During their outing together, the couple was not bashful about showing some public displays of affection (PSA).

A revelation that was published not too long ago in The Sun reveals that the two individuals have been secretly seeing one other for more than a year at this point. The media outlet was informed by a close source that “the couple have been moving from strength to strength and quietly traveling all over the world together.” They have similar values, an excellent understanding of one another’s sense of humor, and are a good match for one another.

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Everything you need to know about Fran Tomas is included in this article

According to a report in The Sun, Luke Evans’ new partner Fran Tomas is a Spanish graphic designer by trade. This information was obtained from a source. According to his profile on LinkedIn, he also works at Solvia Inmobiliaria as a project manager there. For those of you who aren’t aware, Solvia Inmobiliaria is a real estate company that was established in the year 2001. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

According to his profile on LinkedIn, Fran is a construction industry specialist with several years of relevant experience. Beginning his professional life as an architect and interior designer, he later progressed through the ranks to become a project coordinator and, eventually, a project manager. He currently makes his home in Madrid, which is located in Spain.

Is it possible to find Fran Tomas on Instagram?

The response to the question that was asked before is an emphatic yes. On the social media network known as Instagram, Fran maintains a profile for herself. At the present time, he has a total of 1,483 posts on his Instagram feed, and he can brag about having approximately 57 thousand people follow him there.

The title “Construction Design/Project Manager” appears in Tomas’s bio on Instagram. We found several pictures of him from vacations all over the world when we looked through his Instagram page. We also found some photos of him with his celebrity lover Luke Evans, as well as other shots of him with friends and family.

Luke Evans would hope to be a dad some day

You did read that sentence correctly. During an interaction with the media from the previous year, Luke was asked if he would like to become a parent, to which he responded, “I would, sure, I would. I have given it a lot of thought, and as I get older, I find myself wondering whether or not I should just go ahead and do it. I don’t want to be a senile old dad… but I do want to be a father.”

Evans continued by saying, “There is a lot of satisfaction to be had in passing on your experiences and rearing a strong, open-minded, kind, and respected human being who can go out into the world and accomplish something good.”

Do you see Luke Evans and his new boyfriend Fran Tomas as a potential romantic pairing? In the space provided below, we would appreciate it if you could share your opinions regarding the pair. Always remember to check back in with us for the most recent information.

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