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Despite Their Separation, Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Were Seen Hanging Out Together!

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Less than a week after reports of their split surfaced, Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker were seen together again.

On June 26th, Jenner, who is 26 years old, and Booker, who is 25 and an NBA player, had some private time together at Soho House in Malibu, California. The two were seen by the media conversing and joking amid a picturesque setting, giving the impression that they were in a good mood. Booker appears to be leaning in for a kiss in at least one of the pictures.

One observer noted that the two “had terrific electricity between them” on their date. A source observed that when Devin murmured in Kendall’s ear, she began to laugh.

An observer said, “They shared things on their phones and giggled.” Kendall “looked up at Devin with a grin on his face.”

Jenner was chic in a white tank top with a white open button-down shirt over it. The woman completed her look with linen leggings in a light cream hue. Booker sported the NBA’s characteristic white oversized T-shirt and gold chain. In addition, both of them sported a pair of stealthy shades.

Curiously, their followers also noticed that they “liked” one other’s Instagram images.

One story claims that the pair split up because they had conflicting goals in life.


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Although they care for one another deeply, both Kendall and Devin have chosen to put their professional lives ahead of their personal ones.

The vulnerability emerged shortly after Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Italian nuptials. The return home reportedly prompted concerns of misaligned priorities.

They started dating in 2020 but didn’t make it Instagram official until February of 2021.

Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriends Have Included Nick Jonas, Harry Styles, Devin Booker, and More

A relaxed atmosphere, here! The majority of Kendall Jenner’s romantic relationships have remained under wraps, despite her being connected to several high-profile singers and sportsmen.

The guys in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s past have ranged from pop stars like Harry Styles and Nick Jonas to athletes like Ben Simmons and Devin Booker.

“I think you learn new lessons in every relationship,” the model remarked in a Calvin Klein behind-the-scenes video from February of 2020. So, “I think I’ve learned so much from so many different relationships.”

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She said, “The most essential thing I’ve gained from my relationships is knowledge of myself. And what I desire in a partner or a romantic partnership.”

After being connected to Styles in 2013, the Kendall + Kylie cofounder sparked reunion speculations during a 2015 trip to Anguilla with the ex-One Direction singer.

Jenner has maintained tight relationships with more than one of her exes, and this duo is no exception.

A source exclusively informed Us Weekly in December 2019 that “Harry and Kendall are excellent friends and have always been.” A friendship that is “easy” and “very relaxed”

Devin Booker relationship

The reality star is very private about her personal life, but she has fired back at critics who have made false claims about her romantic history.

In July of 2019, a user captioned a picture titled “Starting 5 of NBA Players Kendall Jenner Dated” with the words “This is a playoff team hahaha,” implying that Jenner had been linked to a whole starting lineup of NBA players.

D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma, and Blake Griffin were the five athletes shown in the meme.

Jenner shot back, “2 out of 5 correct, thanks,” referring to her two relationships with Griffin and Simmons (whom she dated intermittently from May 2018 to May 2019). (whom she romanced from September 2017 to March 2018).

When Jenner was seen cuddling up to Booker in April of 2020, a troll made light of her history of relationships with basketball stars. Jenner had to set the record straight.

An Instagram user posted a video of three guys circling a little girl with the words, “Nba players passing around Kendall Jenner.” Somebody else chimed up, “Maybe she passing them around.”

The E! hostess said, “They act like I’m not in complete control of where I toss my cooch!”

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