Designated Survivor Season 4: Is there a Reboot in Work?

Jeremy Caroll

There has been a lot of discussion about how the political landscape has shifted over the past several years. The participation rate in the midterm elections in 2018 was at an all-time low, and this fact testifies to a deep disgust with politics in general.

However, there is another trend that has been developing behind the scenes, and that is the fact that viewers of political broadcasts are becoming more impassioned than they have ever been before. The fascination with politics has reached such a fever pitch that some followers are now getting tattoos of their preferred political memes and figures.

There has been a rise in the number of people who are obsessed with political thrillers, particularly as a result of the success of House of Cards. As a result, The Original Designated Survivor, which debuted on Netflix in 2016, got off to a strong start and has continued to be a success ever since it debuted.

The program was added to “binge lists” almost immediately after it debuted, meaning that it is now routinely the first thing people watch when they get up in the morning and the last thing they watch before going to bed at night.

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One of the most intriguing aspects of the show Designated Survivor is the frequency with which it demonstrates to its audience that politics is a vital element of their lives. The show has always been about politics, and it features unexpected turns and surprises that keep viewers interested all the way through each episode.

After the explosive conclusion of the third season of the American political thriller, which debuted in June 2019, fans have been giving the show a lot of criticism. Read this post to find out what the fourth season of Designated Survivor has in store for us.

Designated Survivor: Is the Fourth Season Happen?

The first season of Designated Survivor debuted on Netflix in 2016 and immediately became a huge sensation on the service.

The plot of the show, which is adapted from a Korean drama of the same name, follows Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) as he ascends to the presidency following a terrorist attack that claims the lives of everyone else in the White House.

In the event of a catastrophic event, Kirkman is required to seize control of an entire nation. He is responsible for managing national security, determining how to deal with world leaders, and ensuring the safety of everyone in the capital city of Washington.

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The sitcom has done a fantastic job of keeping fans entertained throughout its first three prosperous seasons, but it is unfortunate that the series will not return for a season 4 because the streaming platform has decided to stop it.

Following the launch of the third season of Designated Survivor in June 2019, the online streaming service made the announcement that it would be the final season of the show, as the creators had opted not to continue developing the show.

Designated Survivor: Why was it Cancelled?

After hearing the news that a show has been canceled, the first thing that comes to mind is the reaction of the audience to the show, specifically in terms of how well it was rated and reviewed.

Since its inception, this program has maintained a strong reputation, and its third season just spent two weeks in the Top 10 lists around the world. The question now is, what could have have caused such a last-minute cancellation?

During a series of exclusive interviews, Sutherland disclosed that the original plan for the show was to keep it going for at least 5 seasons.

The transition from television to the digital platform, which altered the dynamic of working with the network, was a contributing factor in the decision to cancel the show following the conclusion of its third season.

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He went on to say that the collaboration with Netflix was distinct from the one with the television network, and that the contracts of a large number of actors did not apply to the show.

An exciting adventure through the political circus came to an end, but as the old adage goes, there’s always tomorrow. Perhaps, very soon, we’ll see our Tom Kirkman taking charge of the situation on the television.

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