Danmachi Season 4 – What We Know So Far?

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A new season brings with it new obstacles, and for Bell that means a new dungeon level to conquer. The much-loved dungeon anime DanMachi is going to return for a fourth season, and I can’t wait to find out what kinds of new creatures it will include this time around.

After achieving victory over his tenacious adversary in the third season, Bell will move up to a higher level by attending a party with A-list celebrities. Although it appears that the squad has a good chance of success, we do not yet know how many of them will make it through the mission unscathed.

Danmachi Season 4 Plot

We know that “Labyrinth Arc” will be adapted in Season 4 of DanMachi. In this section, we’ll give you a short summary of the story arc so you know what to expect.

At the Hestia Familia house, Hestia happily updated Bell’s status. With each update, she felt like she was filling in blank pages of a storybook and saw any changes for herself. When she was done, she told her child that she had moved up a level. While Bell’s group was in the dungeon, the maids at the Hostess of Fertility were looking for Ryuu, who had left a note and then disappeared.

Danmachi Season 4

Chloe, who knew about Ryuu’s past, started to guess what might have happened. But the Loire, who was worried about how Syr would react, quickly shut her up. When the two Cat People waitresses started to blame Bell, Mia came in and told the girls to get back to work. Now that Syr was alone, he asked Mia about it. Mia told him that if he didn’t know anything, neither did she and added that Ryuu was a pain.

Ryuu talked about his time at the Hostess of Fertility somewhere else, but he said that it wasn’t enough to heal his wounds because he knew that the black flames of revenge still burned in her heart. Unfortunately, when she ran into more members of Evilus, the joy in those flames made her ignore the voices of her friends and keep going after them.

Ouranos felt that “it” had started acting up in the Guild Prayer Room and told Fels about it. Fels then asked through the oculus if it was the Juggernaut. God confirmed this by saying that he was going down very quickly and that the Monster Rex had shown up in the Water City. When asked what he would do, Ouranos said he would send reinforcements and try everything, even if it turned out to be a waste of time.

Ryuu’s cup fell to the ground at the Hostess of Fertility, and a piece of it cut Syr’s finger. Syr left the bar through the back door after seeing this, and Anya, Chloe Rollo, and Lunoire Faust said that Ryuu was to blame for the sad mood. Hestia showed up a few seconds later and asked if they were best friends with High Elf Archer and if they were strong.

They didn’t know what she was talking about, so they asked her to explain. The Goddess then gave them the letter she had gotten from Lili. At the Hestia Familia home forge, Tsubaki saw that the hammer she was using had a crack in it. She wondered if she had heated it too much and if she would be held responsible. But after thinking about it for a while, she started to wonder if it meant something was wrong. Just then, Miach and Naaza showed up and asked her if she would listen to what they had to say

The cast of Season 4 of Danmachi

DanMachi’s main cast and crew will be back for Season 4, that much is certain. There will probably also be some new faces, but the main crew members will be back. This is pretty typical for an anime series since the creators want to keep the story moving forward.

Character Japanese Voice Actor (Seiyū)
Bell Cranell Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Hestia Inori Minase
Aiz Wallenstein Saori Ōnishi
Liliruca „Lilly“ Arde Maaya Uchida
Welf Crozzo Yoshimasa Hosoya
Eina Tulle Haruka Tomatsu
Syr Flova Shizuka Ishigami
Ryū Lion Saori Hayami
Arnya Flommel Asuka Nishi
Mia Grand Yuka Keichō
Finn Deimme Mutsumi Tamura
Riveria Ljos Alf Risa Taneda
Bete Loga Nobuhiko Okamoto
Loki Yurika Kubo
Freya Yōko Hikasa
Hephaistos Yuka Terasaki
Ganesha Satoshi Tsuchida

Trailer for Danmachi Season 4

Taking everything we know about the next season of DanMachi into account, we can say for sure that we have three trailers for the next season, but none of them give us an official release date. On January 31, 2021, the first official trailer for the movie came out.

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of Danmachi?

On Crunchyroll, you can watch the first three seasons of the show (in subbed format). Since Crunchyroll is the biggest place to watch anime in the West, we are sure that DanMachi Season 4 will also be on the site. We don’t know for sure if a dub will come out at the same time, but we think it will.

Will there be a Season 5 of DanMachi?

At the moment, it’s way too early to talk about a possible fifth season of DanMachi, since we don’t even know when the fourth season will air (we know it’s going to be this year, but we don’t have a date yet!). However, there are some great signs that DanMachi might actually come back even after the upcoming fourth season.

Danmachi Season 4

DanMachi is an ongoing series that hasn’t finished yet, at least according to the light novel series. Each season probably won’t have a lot of episodes, which gives the producers more room to make new seasons. So far, the current anime franchise hasn’t even told the whole story, and more volumes are still to come.

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