Crossfire Trail: Cast, Location and Plot of the Cult Movie

Jeremy Caroll

The western action movie Crossfire Trail was released in 2001 and directed by Simon Wincer. Charles Robert Carner was responsible for writing the screenplay.

This story of a wanderer, Rafe Covington, who promised his dying best friend to take care of his Wyoming ranch and beloved wife before he died is told in this made-for-television film that is based on the 1954 book of the same name written by American novelist Louis L’Amour. The book was published in 1954 and bears the same name.

The state of Wyoming serves as the setting for the movie, although the actual shooting took place in an entirely different state. Let’s jump right into discussing the real places where the movie was shot right now.

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Crossfire Trail Shooting Location

CL Ranch-45001 Township Road in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was the location of the filming for Crossfire Trail. All of the rifles and other types of firearms that appear in the movie were created specifically for the purposes of filming.

There are a number of instances in which Joe Gill is shown carrying a strange-looking gun that is strikingly similar to rifles used in the 1880s. This antique firearm was handcrafted and put together in such a way that it is reminiscent of the style used in the 1800s.

It is the largest city in the province of Alberta, which is located in western Canada, and it is situated on the banks of the Elbow River and the Bow River. In close proximity to the city are the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the prairies of Canada, which together make for a perfect setting for ranch scenes.

Additionally, there is a ranch on Township road that was used to film the majority of the sequences with Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon. This property may be found in the vicinity of the airport.

Despite the fact that Calgary is not as well known as Vancouver as a filming location, the city has played host to the production of a number of movies that have gone on to win academy awards, including The Revenant series, Inception, Interstellar 2, Game of Thrones, Every Which Way But Loose, and others.

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Crossfire Trail Cast

Rafe Covington, played by Tom Selleck

Wilford Brimley portrayed Joe Gill in this film.

David O’Hara as Rock Mullaney

William Sanderson as Dewey – Bartender

Gene Thompson portrayed by Ken Pogue

The role of Sheriff Walter Moncrief is played by Barry Corbin.

Patrick Kilpatrick as Mike Taggart

Virginia Madsen as Ann Rodney

J.T. Walsh is played by Christian Kane. Langston

Joanna Miles as Melissa Thompson

Bruce Barkow is portrayed here by Mark Harmon.

Kyla Wise as. Millie – Barmaid (as Kyla Anderson)

Chief Red Cloud was played by James Nicholas.

Daniel Parker as Taggart Gang Member (as Daniel T. Parker)

Rex Linn as Luke Taggart

Beau Dorn portrayed by Brad Johnson

Snake Corville portrayed by Marshall R. Teague (as Marshall Teague)

The role of Dancing Flower is played by Carmen Moore.

Charles Rodney is played by Michael O’Shea.

Capt. Gorgan is played by Mark Acheson.

Bear Killer, a Warrior Alongside Chief Red Cloud, Portrayed by Glen Gould

Crossfire Trail Synopsis

The story of Crossfire Trail centers on a nomad by the name of Rafe Covington, who promises his dying closest friend that he will protect his Wyoming territory and provide proper care for his buddy’s wife after the latter’s passing. As a result of the ranch’s placement in a desirable area of town, several of the town’s gangs are making their way there in order to gain control of the property.

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To our utter amazement, the widowed wife of Covington’s closest friend does not trust him at all and asks him to leave her home. In the meantime, a local boss by the name of Bruce Barkow makes an attempt to seize control of the ranch and kidnap Ann while Rafe Covington is away. Will Rafe have been successful in keeping his word and bringing Ann back without incident?

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