Chicago Fire Friends: Are Kara Killmer And Hanako Greensmith Friends in Real Life?


Chicago Fire Friends: Are Kara Killmer And Hanako Greensmith Friends in Real Life?


Chicago Fire” demonstrates that firehouse and rescue procedurals remain popular on network television. The series has been airing on NBC for more than a decade, and with over 200 episodes aired across 11 seasons, it shows no indications of slowing down in the near future. In fact, viewers appear to still hold the series in high regard even after so many years on the air (via Rotten Tomatoes).

Set at the fictional Firehouse 51 in Chicago, which is filmed at a real firehouse in Chicago, “Chicago Fire” follows the personal and professional lives of the city’s many emergency services teams.

Fans may wonder if the chemistry between Kara Killmer and Hanako Greensmith, who play paramedics Silvie Brett and Violet Mikami in the series, also exists in real life. Chicago P.D. Season 10 Episode 4 Release date, Trailer, and Countdown Despite the fact that the two characters have endured a number of difficult days on the job together, the fans may wonder if the chemistry between the two actors exists in real life as well.

Kara Killmer and Hanako Greensmith are Fantastic friendly

Kara Killmer and Hanako Greensmith appear to be close friends in real life if their Instagram accounts are any indication. For example, Killmer posted a selfie of herself and Greensmith smiling at a wedding, in which their close comfort with one another is evident.

Killmer captioned the image, “Wedding photo dump including my favorite angel babies.”

There are also pictures of the two actors embracing Miranda Rae Mayo, who portrays Stella Kidd in the series, joining them in the snap. Killmer’s post, titled “Surrounded by perfection,” demonstrates how much she adores her “Chicago Fire” co-stars.

Greensmith uploaded an identical image of the three performers on her Instagram account. She wrote, “Ringing in season 11 with my favorite queens.” Chicago Fire Season 11: When will the eleventh season of Chicago Fire begin? The fact that Killmer and Greensmith have gotten closer over the course of their time on “Chicago Fire” almost certainly makes the relationship between the characters feel more authentic to viewers.

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