Blown Away Season 3 Challenges (3)


Blown Away Season 3 Challenges? Netflix Show Format, Eliminations, Etc

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Blown Away has ten episodes on Netflix. The portal streams the glassblowing competition’s third season. This season, ten participants compete in each episode to advance to the next round and win the season.

Dan Friday, Brenna Baker, Trenton Quiocho, John Sharvin, John Moran competed. Whiteside, Kelly, Stern, Hughes, and Minhi.


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Season 3’s winning finale installation will be displayed at Corning for the first time. To win, contestants had to demonstrate exceptional technical and conceptual ability. Concept, originality, and technical skills were considered.

In Every Episode Before the Finals, Blown Away Contestants Face New Challenges

Each episode of Netflix’s Blown Away Season 3 challenged participants to create the best interpretation of a specified subject in a set period of time. Those that did so advanced in the competition and gained an edge in the next challenge.

Contestants who failed to impress Katherine Gray and the guest judge were eliminated.

Blown Away Season 3 challenges are listed in each episode.


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Deborah Czeresko joined the experts in the premiere to describe and judge the first task. Contestants had to build a glass artwork reflecting their artistic growth. The goal was to study their individual paths and produce something that helped them grow.

The glassmaking took five hours. Dan Friday won with his technical brilliance. Claire Kelly‘s art was too simple, thus she was the first contender dismissed.

Contestants had to make six cups for the drinks they were given in the second task. Contestants had to construct glasses of champagne, mojito, Irish coffee, and milkshake. Cocktail champion Veronica Saye judged.

Blown Away participants have four hours to produce. Minhi’s elegant champagne glasses won the contest. Rob’s poor execution sent him home.

2022, The Glass Year

The UN has declared 2022 “The Year of Glass,” so sculptor Chris Clarke joined the contestants and experts. Participants have to be motivated by a world-changing glass innovation. They had five hours to work and present.

John Moran’s piece fit the topic nicely, but Maddy was eliminated third.

Episode 4 – Seven Deadly Sins


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In the fourth episode of Blown Away, participants were to create art inspired by one of the seven deadly sins. Art expert Donna Davies assisted them out.

Grace won with her ASMR piece and a residency at Pilchuck Glass School. Brenna’s piece was identical to Lino Tagliapetra’s, so she was removed.

Episode 5 – the Bigger the Better

Going for it on a massive scale was the focus of the challenge in this episode. Briony Douglas, a visual artist, served as the guest judge for this competition and joined the contestants. The participants were required to select a little thing, and some of the options included chess pieces, caramel popcorn, and olives. Then, as part of their proposal, they were required to make glass models that were scaled to human proportions.

The contenders were given five hours and two assistants to finish the challenge, during which time all of the parts needed to measure a minimum of 12 inches. Both John Moran and Minhi were able to win Blown Away after impressing the panel of judges and becoming the show’s first-ever double winners. However, Grace’s work wasn’t carried out in a clean manner, and as a result, she was sent back home.

Episode 6 – Under the Big Top

As part of the sixth challenge, the competitors were tasked with producing an original piece of artwork based on the topic of a circus. Aerial acrobat and owner of a circus company, Miranda Tempest, joined in on the action as a guest judge for the competition. Prior to the presentation, the glassblowers were given four and a half hours to finish their sculptures.

Blown Away Season 3 Challenges (2)

The judge praised John Sharvin’s work for its understated sophistication, and he was awarded first place. However, Trenton was unable to continue in the competition as a result of a few simple errors.

Episode 7: The Importance of Working Together to Achieve Goals

The competitors were required to cooperate with one another in order to complete this particular task. The next round would include Dan Friday and Minhi, as well as John Moran and John Sharvin. Glass industry heavyweights Robin and Julia Rogers served as guest judges for this competition.

Blown Away Season 3 Challenges (1)

The teams were tasked with selecting two words that were completely interchangeable yet still worked cohesively together. However, the two participants were required to work on separate parts that would ultimately come together to form the total. Because of this, each of the participants will be graded independently of the others. They had a total of four hours to have their items ready.

The judges were not impressed with Dan and Minhi’s performance. However, after considering both of their performances, the judges came to the conclusion that they should each be given the opportunity to compete on their own. Both teams were successful in advancing to the following round.

Out of This World, Episode Eight

Dr. Marianne Mader, a space scientist, joined the Blown Away competitors as a guest judge. The immensity, beauty, and wonder of space had to be the inspiration for the participants’ very personal space shuttle. The contestants had four hours to accomplish it.

Blown Away Season 3 Challenges

John Moran has completed the challenge by presenting the ideal exhibit. Dan Friday lost the match, nonetheless, due to his blunders and glass breaks.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself (episode 9)

In attendance as a special guest assessor for the final challenge before the finale was Season 2 champion Elliot Walker. Participants had to produce artwork that was motivated by their worst fear. The three finalists had five hours, two assistants, and a task to fulfill.

Prior to the finale, John Moran had the most victories, however, John Sharvin didn’t make the Top 2 and was ousted from the competition.

In Blown Away Season 3, which was hosted by former America’s Got Talent competitor and well-known Science Youtuber Nick Uhas, the players competed for a significantly larger prize. The winner will also receive a residency at the renowned Corning Museum of Glass in addition to the top prize of $60,000.

John Moran and Minhi England advanced to the final round, where they encountered a more difficult obstacle. Keep an eye on this area to learn who Netflix’s Blown Away Season 3 winner was.

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