'Bling Empire' continues to shine in its third season.


‘Bling Empire’ continues to shine in its third season.


I am on a mission to convince people to stop considering shows that bring them joy to be “guilty pleasures.”

This is an ongoing effort of mine, as many people continue to use that term to describe the entertainment they love; nevertheless, I believe we should emphasize the word’s “joy” component.

Instead of feeling guilty about it, let’s embrace it!

Three things to watch “Bling Empire Season 3”

Reality television makes me joyful, especially series about the wealthy and ultra-wealthy.

The new season of “Bling Empire” begins just where the last season’s high-stakes action concluded.

I cannot wait to watch how the dispute between Christine Chiu and Anna Shay plays out between this bunch of rich Asian friends in Los Angeles. Trust me when I tell you that you will want to binge-watch the first two seasons to prepare for the most recent installment.

The third season of “Bling Empire” is currently available to view on Netflix.

Season 2 of “The Problem with Jon Stewart”

Has anybody approached Jon Stewart about returning to “The Daily Show” after the news of Trevor Noah’s departure became public?

I just, as Stewart is really occupied with his most recent Apple TV+ series. In the second season of “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” the advocate and comedian will continue to employ common sense humor while discussing “difficult, timely, and culture-shifting subjects.”

The premiere episode of season 2 of “The Problem With Jon Stewart” is currently available on Apple TV+. ( Luckiest Girl Alive )

Consider this new film to be near enough to genuine crime for me.

This is due to the fact that the premise of “Luckiest Girl Alive,” based on the 2015 novel by Jessica Knoll and starring Mila Kunis, is about a New York-based magazine editor whose life appears to be ideal. That is, until “the director of a crime documentary approaches her to give her side of the tragic incident that occurred at the elite Brentley School when she was a teenager,” as stated by Netflix.

Yes, thank you!

Luckiest Girl in the World” is currently available on Netflix.

Two things to listen to

You may shake your head in disbelief, but it’s true: Willow is preparing to release her sixth studio album.

The daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has an extensive record, especially if you include her joint album with Tyler Cole, “The Anxiety,” which produced the catchy single “Meet Me at Our Spot.”

Her most recent album, “Coping Mechanism,” has the 21-year-old artist performing and excelling in musical genres that few anticipated she would follow after her 2010 megahit.

“Rock has always been an inspiration for me,” she told Guitar.com, listing Deftones and Lamb of God as examples. “I believe that when you begin practicing anything at such an early age, your mind continues to develop in a variety of ways. Then, as you mature, you realize that you must exert yourself in ways you had not previously considered.”

“Coping Mechanism” is now available.

Actually, Charlie Puth considered not naming his latest album “Charlie.”

Puth said in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest that he “produced the entire record by himself.” “I almost titled the album ‘Conversations With Myself’ since that’s how I composed every song,” stated Puth.

As songwriting is Puth’s superpower, the self-titled album will likely be extremely personal.

“Charlie” is also now available.

One thing to talk about

Is it not only a week ago that I was realising that Thanksgiving is arriving quickly – too quickly? As it turns out, Christmas films are also forthcoming.

Some of you (I’m looking at my great CNN colleague Sandra Gonzalez) are enthralled by the combination of holiday spirit and romance in these flicks.

This year, there is, even more, to look forward to, as Lindsay Lohan stars in “Falling for Christmas,” which premieres on Netflix on November 10. And its storyline synopsis appears to fulfill all expectations: “Lohan portrays a recently engaged, privileged hotel heiress who experiences total amnesia after a skiing accident and winds up in the care of a gorgeous, blue-collar lodge owner.”

“Falling for Christmas” is the first of two films that Lohan has committed to featuring in for the streaming service. In other words, her television presence will continue to be a gift until 2023.

Something to sip on

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Stanley Tucci about the new episodes of the second season of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” the premiere of which airs on CNN on Sunday. As someone who enjoys cuisine and travel, several of Tucci’s statements resonated with me.

In particular, he wished to teach his children about nutrition.

“That they recognize the labor that goes into growing and raising healthy food,” he stated. That they ultimately get respect for that. And then preparing and sharing beautiful food, and all the great things that follow.”


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We live in a culture that frequently views food as the enemy, especially when we consider how harmful it is to eat junk food on the go. But sharing a meal of high quality with our loved ones is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

And it’s not even a guilty one. Bling Empire Season 3: Release Date, Cast, New Cast, Trailer, and First Look!

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