Blackpink: First Female Group to Ever Achieve the Top Spot on the Global Spotify Chart

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Blackpink has made a mark in the annals of history! The K-pop band has broken new ground by becoming the first female group in history to claim the top spot on Spotify’s global songs chart. With their latest single, “Pink Venom,” the trio, which is a pop hit, accomplished the goal.

Pink Venom made its debut on Friday, August 19, and is quickly capturing the attention and affection of people all around the world. Continue reading to learn more about Blackpink’s historic accomplishments.

The song “Pink Venom” by Blackpink is currently at the top of the global Spotify chart

Blackpink has released their first song, titled “Pink Venom,” in advance of the release of their second studio album, titled “Born Pink,” which is scheduled for September 16. As soon as the music was made available to the public, it was an immediate success, and it began trending almost immediately after its debut.

On the same day that the song was released, it climbed to the top of the Spotify Global Chart, making Blackpink the first female band to ever accomplish this feat. The song earned great praise. On its first day of availability, the tune was streamed 7.937,046 times on the service. This was an increase of 1.3 million streams over the number two song on the chart, which was titled Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52.

The song became extremely popular not only on Spotify but also on YouTube, where it has amassed over 110 million views to this point and has received close to 10 million likes. Additionally, it topped the chart for all genres of songs sold on iTunes in the United States. The song was also quite popular on the radio, where it was played more than five times a day on a number of different channels due to the huge demand.

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The first track to be released from Born Pink is titled Pink Venom

The band from South Korea is getting ready to release their second album, which will be titled Born Pink and will come out the following month. In March of this year, the band’s Jennie Kim was the first person to officially confirm the album. She said at the time, “Blackpink is also going to make a comeback soon, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but because I’m the only Blackpink member here, I’ll just say it please look forward to it,” although she didn’t know if she was permitted to say it.

In July, YG Entertainment made the album’s release official by releasing a statement in which they said, “The album title Born Pink portrays Blackpink’s confidence and self-esteem for being born different and that the album lives up to the group’s reputation and unrivaled presence.” Blackpink’s debut studio album is titled Born Pink.

In the meantime, followers on social media are effusively praising the band and going crazy about the new song, which has gotten a lot of people excited. One fan tweeted, “BLACKPINK, once again, teaching the other girlies how girl crush is done,” while another fan added, “#PINKVENOM is seriously so different from any of their past main ones, it’s really distinct and a little bit c*nty love it so much!”

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Beginning in October, Blackpink will go on a world tour

The members of Blackpink are getting ready to embark on their world tour in October of this year to meet fans from all around the world. The tour is being promoted as the “biggest globe tour ever undertaken by a K-pop female group,” according to the organizers.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are the members of the Korean girl group that has had the most success outside of Korea. As a result, the group is frequently referred to as the “largest female group in the world.” The Album (2020), the group’s self-titled debut studio album, broke a record by becoming the first K-pop girl group album to sell more than one million copies.

On the Billboard 200 list, the album debuted at position number two. After an absence of nearly two years, the four pop artists have decided to reunite for a new album titled Born Pink.

Congratulations are in order for Blackpink, who have climbed all the way to the top of the global list on Spotify. Keep an eye out for further reports and updates.

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